Getting that crop out of the pic #Throwback to the good old Vine days 😂😭 @lelepons @valegenta
I don’t usually carry around a vodka tonic
Hopefully these likes keep me warm at night @alejandroibarraphoto
Gentas & friends take @Guess || #DestinationGuess
Sebastian goes glamping || #DestinationGuess #CampGuess
#LifeHack – So it's no secret that #traveling can negatively affect your skin, so I decided to give @muddybody_ detox mask a try and let me tell you... I'm obsessed🙌🏻 So obsessed I made sure @valegenta try it also. It left our #skin feeling clean, refreshed and SOOO soft. Make sure to use my code SGENTA to save some 💰💰💰 on your @muddybody_ mask! #GetMuddy
Send this to your group chat #IneededATanDownThere #WhenInGreece #PeekABoo
There’s plenty of fish in the sea but only one SEBASSSSS 🐠 || #DWYachtWeek @danielwellington @theyachtweek
Mamma Mia! 🏍🙎🏼‍♂️|| @danielwellington #DWYachtWeek @theyachtweek
Hey bitch
An end to an incredible, liquor infused weekend || Thank you @blackbird ✈️
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