Second Harvest Food Bank of OC

Our mission is to end hunger in Orange County.

🍉 Meet Lili (pictured on the left)! She is with @UnitedHealthCare , who became an Adopt-A-Pantry sponsor! With their help, #WeFeedOC ! 🥑 @UnitedHealthcare values giving back to the community they serve and partnered with us through the Adopt-A-Pantry program. 👩‍👧‍👦 Through this partnership, an event was set up with 22 @UnitedHealthcare volunteers to help distribute food to families in need in OC. #HungerActionMonth 💙 “I loved helping the community. It is such a great feeling to give back and talk to everyone in line.” - Lili
🚛 Meet David! He is one of our drivers for the Adopt-A-Pantry program. #WeFeedOC with David’s help: 🥗 In addition to delivering nutritious food for several programs, David enjoys overseeing the Adopt-A-Pantry distribution and making sure everything is running smoothly. 🧒🏻 He thrives in helping corporate organizations distribute donated food to families across OC. 💪 “The Adopt-A-Pantry program feeds our community and really makes a difference. That’s why I work so hard!” – David #HungerActionMonth
🌽 Meet Vanessa! For three years, she has worked as a Development Associate. See how #WeFeedOC with Vanessa: 🏢 Vanessa supports the Adopt-A-Pantry program by assisting our community partners with their needs and working directly with sponsor companies. ❤️ She loves this program because it allows the sponsor employees to witness the impact of their donation firsthand. 🥘 With Vanessa’s help, through the Adopt-A-Pantry program we can provide more meals to those in need AND meaningful experiences to sponsor organization employees. #HungerActionMonth
🍇 Meet Garrett! He has been our Community Partner Program Coordinator for the past two years. 🥐 Check out how #WeFeedOC with Garrett’s help: 📱While driving the success of the Adopt-A-Pantry program, he also serves as the main point of contact for our community partners for two other programs as well! 👫 Garrett has a special place in his heart for the Adopt-A-Pantry program because it allows sponsor organization employees to volunteer and connect with those in need as they distribute food. #HungerActionMonth
Hunger Action Month is here and so is another #WeFeedOC post! 🍎 Adopt-A-Pantry provides opportunities for organizations to partner with Second Harvest to feed families across OC. Together #WeFeedOC 🚚 The Adopt-A-Pantry sponsorships help cover the cost of acquiring and transporting thousands of pounds of fresh food for our Mobile Pantry program. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Last year, we had 26 Adopt-A-Pantries that distributed 242,657 pounds of food to OC families! 💗 But our program is growing every year and we are anticipating having 30 locations by this time next year! Talk about feeding OC! #HungerActionMonth
Looking for a nice breakfast spot to visit on the 3 day weekend? Visit your local NORMS from now until September 3rd & donate! By donating just $3 you will receive over $50 in @norms coupons good for your next visits! Let’s make caring the NORM! #Norms #WeFeedOC
🍉 Meet Sandy! For nearly 7 years, Sandy has been volunteering with us to ensure kids in OC go to bed with food in their tummies. See how #WeFeedOC with Sandy’s help: 👩‍✈️ She has been a Volunteer Captain for 5 years and a Kids Cafe Volunteer for 2 years! 🗺 Regularly visiting approximately 20 Kids Cafe sites, Sandy helps each site operate according to program guidelines. ❤️ Keep an eye out for Sandy at any number of our sites in Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Orange and Tustin, where she enjoys building relationships with staff, volunteers and others in the community.
🧒 Meet Shelby! She has dedicated nearly 4 years to working on our Kids Cafe program, making meaningful program improvements along the way! 🍓 See how #WeFeedOC kids with Shelby’s help: 🥗 Shelby works with the OC Health Care Agency and SeniorServ to improve meals based on feedback from all 50 Kids Cafe sites. 📋 She is also in charge of financial stewardship and program and site compliance, ensuring we are able to continue providing meals to kids throughout the county.
🏫Nearly HALF of all OC public school children rely on reduced or free school lunches for their major source of nutrition. 🧒 How do 117,000 kids keep from going hungry, especially after school or during summer vacation? 🍎 Through our 50 Kids Cafe sites, we provide food for about 2,500 children every day in OC! Together #WeFeedOC 🍱 Since the start of this program in 2000, the program has grown from serving snacks to serving full meals daily. #WeFeedOC
Meet Ann! Our work feeding food insecure families in OC would not be possible without our team of dedicated volunteers! See how #WeFeedOC with Ann’s help: 👋🏾She’s been volunteering with us for more than nine years! ⚖With her help, we’ve provided more than 21 million meals to families in OC. 🍎 Three years ago Ann became one of our first Volunteer Captains!
Meet Carl! For more than 6 years, Carl has been helping us feed OC by: 🛣 Driving more than 89,972 miles to pick up Grocery Rescue product and deliver fresh food to the community. 🌽 With Carl’s help, we can provide fresh meat, dairy, deli, produce and more to food insecure families in OC! 🚚 Carl helps us bridge the gap between fresh nutritious food and those in need by operating our temperature controlled trucks! #WeFeedOC
Meet Jason! He has spent nearly four years with us and is our Operations Manager Food Sourcing and Receiving. See how #WeFeedOC with Jason’s help: 👋🏾 He researches and develops relationships with food industry donors to create sustainable sourcing programs. ⚖ He has helped source 35 million pounds of Grocery Rescue food! 🍽 In 2017 alone, Jason’s efforts helped provide more than 20 million meals to families in OC!
Have you ever wondered what happens to all the food that grocery stores don’t sell? 🏬 Nearly 250 grocery stores have signed on to help us feed OC through our Grocery Rescue program! 🍎 Grocery Rescue accounts for over 40% of all donations we receive 👪 This program has helped us feed 250,000 hungry and food insecure families throughout OC for more than 10 years! This is how #WeFeedOC
Help us Stuff our Truck at our #feedsocal event ! Catch us on @abc7la until 6:30pm tonight.
We are excited about #RedNoseDay ! Have you purchased your Red Nose from Walgreens yet? Each purchase of a red nose helps end childhood poverty. Tune in to NBC to catch the #RedNoseSpecial to support! #WeFeedOC
Meet Linda! Drivers like Linda help us deliver 21.6 million meals of food throughout Orange County each year. For the last 3 years, Linda has been a driving force in how #WeFeedOC : 🚛She has been driving for @feedingamerica food banks for the last 13 years. 🚘She’s our only driver who is also an on-site Program Coordinator. 👋🏽Linda is looking forward to building relationships with OC seniors and site managers while driving the Park-It Market!
Meet Ellie! She has spent nearly five years with us and is our Community Programs Manager. See how #WeFeedOC with Ellie’s help: 🚌Last week, she helped to create and launch our Park-It Market – the first free, full-service walk-up market in the US! 🇺🇸She played a key role in creating Second Harvest’s first Permanent School Pantry in the County! 📚 With Ellie’s help, our Mobile School Pantry Program has grown from two to 30 since 2013!
What has 14 wheels, 6,000 pounds of nutritious food and makes up to 20 stops a week to provide food for low and fixed income seniors? Our Park-It Market! See how #WeFeedOC with our latest innovation: ⏰This project took 4 years of hard work and research to come to life! 🍽 1,000 seniors will benefit from the Park-It Market each week! ♥️The Park-It Market will provide 1 million meals to seniors each year!
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