Second Harvest Food Bank of OC

Our mission is to end hunger in Orange County.

Here’s the tea 🍵 On top of increased tuition, class load and more, many college students are also at-risk of going hungry. 🍎Students are faced with the tough decision between buying food paying for school housing or medication (among other things). 😱 To help take some of the pressure off of our Orange County college students, we have 4 college pantry partners: UCI, Orange Coast College, Golden West College and Coastline College. 😊Through our College Pantry program, we’ve been able to help feed 9,778 students from July – November 2018! #WeFeedOC
Thanks to Enterprise Rent-A-Car for donating $55,000 to address food insecurity in Orange County. The new Enterprise Rent-A-Car program – #FillYourTank – makes invisible hunger more visible in Orange County @fredabdelnour @enterprisesocal
TODAY IS #GIVINGTUESDAY ! Redefine the spirit of giving this holiday season and make an impact in your community. If you haven't already, text GIVEOC to 41444 or go to to help us provide 21,000 meals to hungry neighbors in OC. Together #WeFeedOC .
Turkey? Check! Stuffing? Check! Making a difference in the lives of our hungry neighbors? Check this: Join our #GivingTuesday challenge and text GIVEOC to 41444 or go to to help us provide 21,000 meals to hungry families across Orange County.
🕰 Almost time for our Annual “No Lunch” Lunch Event! Thank you to all our generous sponsors! With your help #WeFeedOC .
😊Hey there, Miguel! Meet one of our Second Harvest drivers who delivers food for Mobile PSA (Product Selection Area) and to Community Partners for their distributions. 🍊For almost 3 years Miguel has been delivering food from Second Harvest to our Community Partners. #WeFeedOC with his help! 🚛So how does the Mobile PSA process work? 1. Dry goods are loaded onto trucks the day before deliveries 2. The perishable items are loaded day of 3. Then, Miguel delivers food to Mobile PSA 🍍 “Community Partners get to select a wide variety of items for the families they serve. It’s cool because they can come out here and not have to drive all the way to Irvine.”
Say hi to Gloria! She is the Pantry Supervisor at the Food Pantry, located at the Friendship Baptist Church, who receives visits from our Mobile PSA (Product Selection Area). 🍊Gloria says, “The fact the food is coming to one site gives us more service hours towards the community we serve.” 🥝Through the Mobile PSA program, they have access to quantities of food they need, but wouldn’t necessarily be able transport because of their limited vehicle capabilities. 🍉Want to visit? The Pantry is open 3 days a week and has a program to feed college students as well! That’s how #WeFeedOC with our Community Partners!
💪 Meet Charles! He has been with us for 10 years and oversees our PSA (Product Selection Area) and our Mobile PSA program. 🥗 Our Mobile PSA features a variety of food including fresh produce, bakery items and nonperishable items! 👩‍👧‍👦Mobile PSA allows us to bring an assortment of food to our partners to better serve their clients! 💙 What’s the best part of Charles’ job, you ask? “Having an issue prevalent as hunger and being able to eradicate that in my community is an honor. It makes me joyful being able to give back.” #WeFeedOC
👫Our Community Partners can receive food in whatever way suits their client’s needs. 🖥️ Order online 🚚 Or, they can take advantage of our PSA (Product Selection Area) and MPSA (Mobile Product Selection Area) programs. 🍇This allows us to bring food closer to our partners for pick-up. 🍓With help from our Community Partners, #WeFeedOC
🚚 This week we’re showing you how #WeFeedOC through our Product Selection Area (PSA) and our Mobile Product Selection Area (MPSA). 🍎We have more than 200 Community Partners distributing food throughout the county. These include non-profit organizations such as 1. Shelters 2. Churches 3. Homes for battered and abused women and children 4. Local pantries 😱 With their help we are able to feed more than 250,000 individuals each month!
Our brand new Peterbilt tractor is here! And a new trailer is on its way. In partnership with Waste Not OC, we are grateful to @CalRecycle for providing this new tractor/trailer combo through their Food Waste Prevention and Rescue Grant program. Together #WeFeedOC
💚 Annnnnd… We’re back with The Starbucks FoodShare Program! 😱Did you know? The Starbucks FoodShare Program has already provided over 10 million meals to people in need across the country. 😎In fiscal year 2018, the local Starbucks Foodshare Program has gathered 610,660 pounds of food…that’s 508,883 meals for our OC Community! 🍏This amount of food can provide three meals a day to someone for over a YEAR. 🍍Of course, we want to share! That’s how #WeFeedOC
😊 Meet Marlon! He is a driver at the Orange County Rescue Mission, one of our community partners involved in the @Starbucks FoodShare Program. Check out how #WeFeedOC with his help. 🍊Over the past 18 months, Marlon has been driving around the streets of OC picking up FoodShare Program food donations from Starbucks for those in need in our community. 🥝 He’s glad to be part of the cause and loves to see how the program brings hope and comfort. To him, it creates a ripple effect encouraging people to help one another. 🎆“Many people struggle to have a meal each day. This program alleviates that problem and I’m glad to be part of it.”
👋 Meet Jeff! He has worked at Family Assistance Ministries (FAM), a Second Harvest community partner, for a little over a year. 👩‍👧‍👦 FAM is one of two community partners that pick-up FoodShare Program food directly from all OC @Starbucks locations. 💙 He’s the guy in charge when it comes to drivers, truck upkeep, equipment, monitoring Starbucks routes and more. With his work, FAM can pick up food from 71 stores a night! 🥑 The program provides food to people who really need it, while offering freshness and variety, which Jeff thinks is a great way to show people that their community cares. With him #WeFeedOC
💗 Meet Alissa! She has been with us for over 1.5 years as the Food Sourcing Coordinator for the Starbucks FoodShare Program. #WeFeedOC with her help. 🍇 So..what does she love about the Starbucks FoodShare Program? 1. It allows Starbucks stores to be directly involved in helping those in need in their own communities 👫 2. It results in less food waste 🥗 3. It provides delicious & nutritious food to those in need in our community 💪
Hungry for this week’s #WeFeedOC post? 🍎 Did you know that @Starbucks partners with @FeedingAmerica food banks, including us, to save food from stores each night around the U.S.? 🚚 The Starbucks FoodShare Program collects 100% of food available to donate from Starbucks stores every night and our Community Partners pick up from 183 locations throughout the county!
@starbucks ☕️ thank you so much for your continued partnership with the FoodShare program and for volunteering with us! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to making sure we continue to feed our community 🍊. Together #WeFeedOC ! #SBUXFoodShare
🍉 Meet Lili (pictured on the left)! She is with @UnitedHealthCare , who became an Adopt-A-Pantry sponsor! With their help, #WeFeedOC ! 🥑 @UnitedHealthcare values giving back to the community they serve and partnered with us through the Adopt-A-Pantry program. 👩‍👧‍👦 Through this partnership, an event was set up with 22 @UnitedHealthcare volunteers to help distribute food to families in need in OC. #HungerActionMonth 💙 “I loved helping the community. It is such a great feeling to give back and talk to everyone in line.” - Lili
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