Chiara Lopresti

🇮🇹 Italian lady 📜Graduate - Humanities @ Università Statale di Milano ✍️Willing to become a writer -> 🌍 Traveller

Obsessed with libraries and this one was pretty lit 📖📜🌍 #seedsofchiaaroundtheworld
Patchwork 🌿🍁🍂 #seedsofchiaaroundtheworld
Do you believe in fairytales? I do. Do you believe in magic? I do. Do you just believe? #happyending
Let the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in #raiseandshine
My world is turning, turning and turning on But I'm not moving on #newyorkcity #sunset
W/ samurai Jack spooky season officially ended 🎃👻🦇 #halloweentown #halloweenmonth
Be kind Buy flowers #seedsofchiaaroundtheworld
Party blurring #halloween #mermaid
Unlike performers and athletes, we get to re imagine, revise and rewrite completely if we wish. We maintain the power over it. Only have faith: the first sentence can't be written until the last sentence has been written Joyce Carol Oates, The faith of a writer. #helloworld #writertobe
How come that the ville lumière is Paris? 'view from the liberty science center in Jersey city' #seedsofchiaaroundtheworld
Today it's class day. I am so lucky to be here, to be experiencing this creative journey. I needed to find my inspiration and my aspiration in life. Eventually I found out what I really want to write about is love and friendship and trust and fun. All of that awaits me at home. But boy! I had to travel overseas to undestrand it #seedsofchiaaroundtheworld
Apparently head bands are my new thing #seedsofchiaaroundtheworld
E salirò Salirò Salirò Salirò Tra le rose di questo Giardino E salirò Salirò Fino a quando sarò Solamente un puntino Lontano #seedsofchiaaroundtheworld
She felt the jungle glade as her friend Since she was lonely again #seedsofchiaaroundtheworld
Wait to be seated Not to live your life your own way #seedsofchiaaroundtheworld
Honey stop reaching
October is Halloween month 🎃👻🦇 #seedsofchiaaroundtheworld #philadelphia
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