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aloevera, the magic food you may not know how beautiful and delicious they are Try it once if u never did before . . Follow for more . . #aloevera #freshveggies #beautytips #healthydiet #salad #Plantbased
Simple is the best Eating the nature’s gift an keep all raw to gain all vitamins Have a blessing weekend everyone . . Follow for more . . #Rawvegan #HealthyDiet #DietPlan #HealthyEating #Plantbaseddiet
When was the last time you get your health check? How is your feeling when I get closed to 40? And you still feel like 20, 25 years old, even feel stronger, healthier, sexier? My lifestyle my foods my optimization my habits make those feelings And I believe when u love your self enough when u understand your body you would change it possitively Eating healthy, workout, do what you love and love what you do, that all What about your thoughts ? . . Follow for more . . #Vegan #rawvegan #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #healthydiet #mealplan #fitfood
Have a great day beautiful friends This morning I got those nice bread 🍞 and the eggs with olive oil such a nice combination . . follow for more . . #healthyeating
Those simple workout tools, they are cheap,simple abs easy to use, you don’t need a luxury gym to get stronger health But workout consistency, right step and take break in between would increase your strength My daily workout, the battle rope isnew one,?still missed a medical ball at home What are you doing? To get a better health and body in shape, how the transformation processing work? Thank you . . Follow for more . . #HealthyLifestyle #Workout #HealthyStyle #OutdoorWorkout
Today must be better yesterday I have no choice but move forward Have a blessing day friends Keep battle rope workout . . Follow for more. . . #BattleRopeWorkout #TensiveWorkout #workout #loveyourbody #fitness #outdoor #healthylifestyle #Fitgirl
More challenge right now less pain later What are you doing to improve yourself? How often do u upgrade your body and your mind? This is my happy Sunday, went to Marketing events and workout with Battle rope workout . . #BattleRopeworkout #Workout #HealthyLifestyle #fitlife #healthybody #Loveyourself #intensive #hardlife #challenges #sweaty
Rainbow 🌈 breakfast and lunch Have you guys known that Seeing a Rainbow 🌈 is a luck comes to you? What about eating rainbow 🌈 foods? It does mean you are having full of nature nutrients, with different ingredients, colours, vitamins, minerals So try it later . . Follow . . #Plantbaseddiet #fitfood #healthyEating #Healthylifestyle #Vegan
Sandwich πŸ₯ͺ club anyone? The day of Avocado Sandwich πŸ₯ͺ , so yummy πŸ˜‹, tasty and creamy Life is better when u have good foods everyday . . Follow for more . . #HealthyEating #Healthydiet #Vegan #diettips
The more pain, the more obstacles you get over the more rewards you deserve Success is not comes over night, Ut takes time, patient, passions, love, hard work, right direction, accomplish and luck to gain Be patient and one day you don’t even mind the opportunities knock your door πŸšͺ Stay focusing on what you believe and work face off And don’t forget to take care your health s seem time Today I made a avocado and mango folk for attentive day ful if challenges . . Follow for more . . #Healthydiet #mealplan #healthylife #vegetarianrecipes #Avocado
Foods that matter, foods would bring cancer and foods would cure the disease, which foods do u choose to feed your body? . . Follow for more . . #HealthyDiet #plantbasedDiet #vegandiet #mealplan
Hello beautiful friends, how was your weekend? Hope you guys all got a lovely one Sorry for not posting my daily diet Bean so much busy for the new programs, and of couse I still eat the healthy and colors meals by I have less time to decor and photo shot Today I cook a delicious and beautiful break and lunch, feeling so good to enjoy and look and this bowl of zucchini, eggs, tomatoes πŸ…, pineapple 🍍 and mangoes So delicious so good, this week is going to be a wonderful week, sending love and good vibes to all of you Muah πŸ’‹ . . Follow for more . . #Healthydiet #Veteriandiet #diettips #dailyfood #healthyfoods
When you are in the week of good news and challenging Getting invited to moderate some Foreign Businesses Events both exciting and nervous 😬 What are your experience for being a Moderator? . . Follow . . #healthyEntrepreneur #entrepreneur #healthylifestyle #startuplife
The colour of foods are the colors of your life The more you try the better health you have The way you are eating foods is the person you are growing now Show me your foods and you can tell who you are Choosing foods to feed your body is most important thing Choose more veggies less meat, more green more fresh The more fresh nature food the healthier you are And happily enjoy those abundance . . Follow for more . . #freshfruit #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #healthydiet #healthyeating #diettips #vegan
What a breakfast! The most easiest simplest to enjoy a good morning After many months finished work at 12 midnight Iam glad to share with you guys again my plant based diet papaya from my sister garden, avocado πŸ₯‘ from my parents garden and the lovely pineapple 🍍 Enjoy your Thursday guys . . Follow for more . . #plantfood #vegan #healthyeating #healthydiet #selenalehealthylifestyle #fruitplate
Hello everyone, The avocado πŸ₯‘ girl back! How are you doing? Sorry not able to post more those days, businesses getting busy and busier The simple meal again, feel day ago, today there was a workshop, my team n I organized in The North, it was incredible day to spend with like mind people, people seemed enjoy the Personsl Brand Program Hope to be back soon My simple breakfast was with Avocado and eggs 🍳 Hope you guys having a beautiful weekend . . Follow for more . . #avocado #healthydiet #mealplan #selenalehealthylifestyle #healthcoach
How eat is how your health is Why nowadays there are so many people get cancer, illnesses and the other serious health issues because of there are so many convenience foods, there are so many fast foods at the markets And people are too busy, too lazy to prepare, so on That is the cheapest way to be healthy . . Follow for more . . . πŸ“Έ@eatmorerawfood . . #healthyeating #HealthyDiet #selenalehealthylifestyle #selenalekitchen #plantbaseddiet #vegan #dietplan
What a life? Nature is the first choice no matter how the world changing by science n technology now Go hiking Climbing πŸ§—πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ Eat raw no added ingredients Beaches , mountains β›°, all we want As well as your body need to be fed by those amazing rainbow 🌈 foods Can not wait to get mine as well . . Follow for more . . . . . πŸ“Έ @livepurejenna . . . . #rawvegan #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #vegan #selenalehealthylifestyle #repost
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