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Happy weekend everyone! We all know what are the best for us but without practicing is just a word what trout action So choose smartly and do it well . . follow for more . . #entrepreneurship #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthylifestyle #entrepreneur #healthyliving
Hello Thursday How are you doing guys? Hope you all are doing pretty good Sorry I have not activated much those days, because I have been super crazy busy with excited projects Those foods as you see the combination of all nature, raw, beautiful I was so happy to find out there was a avocado πŸ₯‘ left Would not be happier to finish the avocado and those lovely yummy fruits n veggies Happy week to all . . Follow for more . . #rawvegan #plantbased #healthydiet #healthyrecipes #veganeats
Books are good to read to get more knowledge, to learn from the others , but the most important is how would u apply some of them in your life and career? What should you use it and instead of reading but practicing the knowledge to be more wisdom Happy middle fullmoon everyone . . Follow . . #entrepreneur #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #selfawareness #practioner #beownboss #bossbabe #leadership
The most important life is understanding who you are, what do you want in life, what make you most happy person, what would you do to make change in people What is your opinion of those statement, I would like to hear your wise perspectives It has been wonderful days that there are many great challenge opportunities come to me, my organization, my team, we have been working for years, now our time to shine . . Follow for more . . #entrepreneurship #lifestyle #plantbaseddiet #mindsetofgreatness #grateful #lovemylife ❀️ #mindsetmatters
Your strength is your understanding your own desire, which make you a real you, someone you do want to be, something you want to do, somewhere you wish to be at, someone you want to be with, come back to the roof of nature, the fullness of being a real you Happy Tuesday, happy ne, happy you . . Having a nice breakfast with someone you love to share your life with . . Follow for more possitive thinking . . #goodvibes #goodlife #dreamlife #challenge #lifestyleblogger #veganrecipes #breakfast #selenalehealthylifestyle
Happy Sunday Beautiful Hope you all having a wonderful weekend and relaxing 😌 . . The location was my friend β€˜s house such a lovely decoration and Art . . Follow for more #goodvibes #sundayfunday #beautifulweekend #entrepreneurship #personalbranding #mylife #mystyle #lifestyleblogger #lifestylecoach #loveyourself
How much do you love fruits? My another Morning Fillfull with fresh fruits and nuts . The best way to eat a good diet both delicious, nutritious and beautiful are choosing the best of nature ,the combination of colors, freshness, taste, look Enjoy your Wednesday everyone . . Follow For more . . #healthydiet #veganrecipes #fruitsalad #breakfast #fitfoods
Hello New Week, hello Monday, hope everyone has wonderful week! My abundance of beautiful fresh fruits Nothing is better than full fully my belly with those nature colors Feeling so good with ripe mango , dragon fruit, pineapple 🍍, red grape πŸ‡, pomegranate, and more Delicious πŸ˜‹, sastify, delight, excited and peaceful Happy Monday . . Follow for more healthy diet . . #plantbaseddiet #freshfruit #fruitplatter #fruitsalad
The morning energy, I choose the over night oat, nuts, hempseed, pomegranate, cashew, chia seed for my breakfast and lunch So yummy Take you 5-7’ to prepare and keep in fridge Happy Tuesday Everyone . . #plantbaseddiet #healthylifestyle #vegan #breakfast #healthyrecipes #mealplan
Cashew is one of high protein nuts, they are not only Delicious but super healthy food that would replace all of animal protein and fat Even thought they would be snack for extra meals, traveling foods, recover after health treatment, one of the best diet food ever How to benefityour health from this tasty food/ nut? Salad Smoothies Sauce Snack Vegan salad πŸ₯— Eat them raw is the best and more benefits. . Follow For more . . #plantbaseddiet #cashew #nut #healthysnack #healthyrecipes Vegan #veganfood #
Monday Funday I choose more green today to start my challenge week Hope you guys have A fabulous one The Salad are so yummy πŸ˜‹ with avocado πŸ₯‘,?sweet passion fruit, cherry tomato πŸ…, cucumber πŸ₯’, Roman lecture Completely 🌱 , olive oil, hemps , walnut.,, for this Monday Try it and let me know . . #plantbaseddiet #healthyrecipes #veganfood #salad #selenalehealthylifestyle
Fruits and veggies are our life There is no thing better than eat fresh nature foods . . #naturefood #freshfood #healthydiet #healthyliving
β€œStay soft and be strong” There is no success without pain, lost, fear So it is normal when you are scared to try new things you never did before Jump out of the box is not easy but when you are out of comfort zones you can do so many things you ever dreamed Let’s start a new week with the beliefs, hustling, enjoying Sending good vibes to all of you . . Follow for more . . #plantbaseddiet #RawVegan #Dietplan #Mealplan #HealthyEating #FruitPlate
The colours Of life is the best of life It is natural, it is fresh, delicious, beautiful, and healthy What are you expecting for your health if you eating junk foods . . Follow for more . . #plantbaseddiet #vegandiet #dietplan #fruitlover
aloevera, the magic food you may not know how beautiful and delicious they are Try it once if u never did before . . Follow for more . . #aloevera #freshveggies #beautytips #healthydiet #salad #Plantbased
Simple is the best Eating the nature’s gift an keep all raw to gain all vitamins Have a blessing weekend everyone . . Follow for more . . #Rawvegan #HealthyDiet #DietPlan #HealthyEating #Plantbaseddiet
When was the last time you get your health check? How is your feeling when I get closed to 40? And you still feel like 20, 25 years old, even feel stronger, healthier, sexier? My lifestyle my foods my optimization my habits make those feelings And I believe when u love your self enough when u understand your body you would change it possitively Eating healthy, workout, do what you love and love what you do, that all What about your thoughts ? . . Follow for more . . #Vegan #rawvegan #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #healthydiet #mealplan #fitfood
Have a great day beautiful friends This morning I got those nice bread 🍞 and the eggs with olive oil such a nice combination . . follow for more . . #healthyeating
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