Selene Candido

8 years ago I was still very confused about the city’s geography. I hadn’t been here for long, and I remember that only the sudden and miraculous view of the Guggenheim, made me realize that I was, in fact, in NYC. Today, after bringing my young photographers back from the Guggenheim, I found the envelope. After 8 years and a fair share of challenges, stubbornness and resilience, I’m a permanent resident of the United States of America. 🇺🇸
Entro nella pace delle cose selvagge / che non si complicano la vita per il dolore che verrà.
Love the new cover.
My heart.
Waiting for a bunch of special humans beings ⭐️⭐️⭐️
In Ihrer Kindheit liefen die Maisfelder um die ganze Welt. #hertamüller #meinvaterlandwareinapfelkern
Almost every life-changing event in my adult life, has happened in November. This year isn’t different. I’m enjoying the silence and the rain tonight, but I can’t wait to celebrate with the people who love me, who were there for me one year ago, in the darkest moment (and before that), who kept telling me to “keep going”, even when it was too much or definitely not worth it. 💙 #slowandsteadywinstherace
Rain or shine, museum day is museum day. #onourwaytothemet
Happy November 9, Berlin: my greatest, strongest, deepest love. #teardownthiswall
Happy birthday to my little Francy 💙 The 4 years old who used to entertain his classmates with tales from the Greek mythology, is turning 13 today. 13.
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