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supporting my favorite human in the world #selenagomez

I miss Selena a lot ☹️ #selenagomez
she looks so cuddly 🥰 #selenagomez
Tag your insta bestie 💞 @selenator #selenagomez
love of my fucking life 😍 happy st patrick's day! 🍀 #selenagomez
I told my sister I didn't like her fiancé (never gotten along with him really in the 6 years i've known him, and he knows this, he don't really like me either) and well now she won't talk to me and she left the fam group chat. 🙄 I wanted to be honest with her. #selenagomez
❤️ #selenagomez
Happy Friday everyone! Ive never felt so awake and energized like I do today (without drugs, ha) and it's pretty amazing. plus, payday $$$. also, "I want you" by @taylaparx us a fucking MOOD. #selenagomez
♥︎ #selenagomez
"no one’s gotta know, we can keep it lowkey I’ll be fine alone, long as you’re alone with me" #selenagomez
i'm still sick and only getting worse 🤧 it's been a week. i'm so over this. #selenagomez
Happy International Women's Day 💜✨ #internationalwomensday #selenagomez #coach
Happy Friday ♥︎ #selenagomez
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