Selena Gomez

just 6 people supporting their favorite person #selenagomez

I couldn’t ever possibly thank Selena enough for everything she’s done for me, she’s the biggest light in my life. 😌✨ — @dearlyselena #selenagomez
we're getting pizza for dinner and i'm so fucking happy #selenagomez
happy sunday 💜 #selenagomez
She’s unreal. The most natural beauty, I’m forever in love 😍 — @dearlyselena #selenagomez
hi ✌🏼💜 #selenagomez
I hope you all have a good day/night💕🎄 -@sellyhugz #selenagomez
Currently watching Christmas movies ❄️🎄 -@sellyhugz #selenagomez
tag someone (a friend) that you've met in here that you haven't met yet but you really want too 👀 #selenagomez
y'all. i'm high..during work #selenagomez
I just slept 3 hours and i feel soo good -@viralsmg #selenagomez
Fake people are such a waste 🙄 — @dearlyselena #selenagomez
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