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Dm for sfs 💕 Goal: 200 ❤

This is the absolute best combo for clear skin ☄
Found on pinterest 💖
This is the BEST eyeliner I've ever used! I use it all the time and it always looks flawless, it has a really defined application tip and the formula is the best I've ever used. No shine at all! And it doesn't run if you sweat. Try it if you haven't!
*found on pinterest*
*found on pinterest* Q: what do you guys do in your free time? 💖
*found on pinterest* The girl in this is gorgeous 😍😍
This is honestly the best and only concealer I use, even though it says light coverage it has more than that in my opinion, and it's easy to blend. Try it if you haven't!!
This is actually such a good exfoliater not just for black heads but for your whole face, I used it and no joke my black heads and acne started clearing up in just a few days! If y'all ain't using Freeman you're missing out! And they're super cheap; at my local Wal-Mart they're only like 2 bucks but that might vary! 💗
I use this on the daily and I can confirm that it's great for lips, also blistex which I've been using lately I used it once and my lips were literally healed in like an hour! 💗
Thought i would post this in case anyone is struggling ❤ remember, if you start feeling bad PLEASE find someone you feel comfortable with to talk to, if you can't think of anyone then my dm's are ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS open to y'all! I love you very much 💓 also I forgot to add the last part of the thread so it's in my story :) - Credit - @selfcare.baddie.s 💓
Thread on best dye colors for blonde hair/blonde roots requested by @smxkxngkxlls 💕 this was my first request and the second thread I've ever worked on myself so I apologise if it's bad ❤ Comment if you have any thread suggestions or things you want to see, I'll try to do all of them soon! 💗 #selfcare #selfcarethreads #selfcarethreadsdaily #selfcareqweenz #blonde #blondehair #ombree #hairthread #hairinspo
A thread of food I found on Pinterest because I'm hungry 😂😂 y'all can request threads if you want, I'll do pretty much any of them 💕
Happy Pride Month, everyone!! In honour of this special month I figured I would make a thread revolving around something that's very close to my heart 💙 I apologise if it's sucky, this is the first thread I've ever made on my own 😂 - 💖 Comment your favorite LGBT related songs! 💖
I know a lot of people don't really like self care threads or have mixed emotions about them, but I honestly love them, especially ones like this one ⬆ like honestly they've helped me a ton, I'm a lot happier since I started trying to follow some of them ❤ - Credit: 💗
I'm probably gonna listen to all these immediately! 😂 - 💗 What's your favorite song at the moment? Mine is Anpanman by BTS and also their song The Truth Untold 💗 - Credit: @ theselfcaretips on Twitter 💞
I love these weight loss threads, I've been trying to diet lately and so far so good ❤ - 💗 Share your weight loss tips in the comments to hopefully help out someone else 💗 - Credit: selfcaresissy on Twitter 💞
I've been having trouble sleeping lately so I thought I'd post this 💕 - 💗 What are some tricks you use to help you sleep? 💗 - Credit: @ selfcare.pear 💕 -
Thought I'd post something like this since I've been trying to do more clean eating lately! - 💗 Comment your favorite "health" food below! 💗 - Credit to selfcaresissy on Twitter ❣
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