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Hook: Am I too much baby Just let me be myself If you really love me Let me be myself Be myself Verse: I am alway too much I’m alway too little Way to specific Or speaking in riddles How the hell do I Fit in the middle Sour like patch Sweet as some skittles I just wanna get close to you really But I’m so far From your away city If I come close And close all of our distance That’s the time When you give me your resistance From keeping it dormant To lit like pistons All of these people around us Just listen I can’t believe it I told you for reasons I’m a celebrity My carreer peakin Now you just wanna Be goin and leavin We Fallin off And I know the reason It’s because Our energy Never even You light as day I’m dark like the evening 📸: @justinyi_ Beat by: @ihaksi Mixed by: @bk.musik
I thought I would post a throwback album of all my best experiences in LA. Photo 1 My first movie set I’ve ever worked on. (Sister Code) Photo 2 Me in the background of scandal. Photo 3 Me in the background of Kendrick Lamar’s These Walls. Photo 4 On set of Dead Ant (indie film) Photo 5 First time being a dick. Photo 6 First Vidcon experience. Photo 7 Me and Liza this is the night where we got a party bus and tried to get Jonah laid for his first time lol. Photo 8 My 24th birthday. Photo 9 Me and Josh after Steve successfully jumped off the roof into a pool filled with dry ice. Photo 10 Receiving my painting the day before I leave to Atlanta. Truly I’m starting to miss LA 😭. Only posting for the real ones.
Think I’m going to start dropping verses every week what do you guys think? 🎹: @prodlcs 📸: @justinyi_
Alway loved MF DOOMS work. Straight up legend. Just dropped a remix to “One Beer” link is in my bio! P.s. I know the original is more fire. 🔥 Here’s a snippet. #mfdoom #onebeer
King of excuses 🤴🏽 New Vlog is out now! “The Fair is Unfair.” Link is in my bio!
General Seth Francois. Leading men and women of all ethnicity and social backgrounds to jobs and financial security since 2014. Thanks again @richardselvi these are so awesome.
From the Yay to the A.
Sad last day in LA with the boys from Sugar Pine 7 Miss you guys! @jamesdeangeliz @notcib @stevensuptic P.S. This is the best move I could of made stay tuned.
So happy to be Seth. Love you all ❤️ thank you for all the support it does not go unnoticed.
Loving ATL ❤️✌🏾
“Damn Seth moved to ATL and started dating Ariana Grande! I can totally tell you didn’t just get good at photoshop!” 📸: @justinyi_
Did someone say new merch dropping next week! Yes Seth new merch is dropping next week your the one that said it. Why am I talking to myself... anyway what y’all think?
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