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There are challenges. And then there are Titan challenges. Introducing a few of the obstacles that our @NBCTitanGames competitors will face inside The Titans Arena this JANUARY. Would you have what it takes? @NBC @ASmithCoProd #UniversalTelevisionAlternative
Pack your bags and save the date! @DisneysJungleCruise sails into theaters JULY 24, 2020 and you're invited! Join @TheRock & #EmilyBlunt on the adventure of a lifetime. #JUNGLECRUISE
#WhatReallyHappened when the most famous comedian retreated from the public eye in the middle of taping his hit Comedy Central TV show? @AndrewJenks seeks answers as to why #DaveChapelle decided to take a time out and walk away from 50 million dollars.
Titans aren't born. They're made. And they're made of pure strength, willpower and discipline. Join us in the Titans Arena on JANUARY 2 only on @NBC. @NBCTitanGames @DanyGarciaCo @TheRock @ASmithCoProd @NBC #UniversalTelevisionAlternative
Welcome to the @NBCTitanGames Combine, scientifically engineered to indentify the everyday people who are ready to realize their greatest emotional and physical potential. Thousands applied, and only a few will continue on to compete in The Titan Games arena. We're proud to bring you The Titan Games on January 2, 2019. @ASmithCoProd @NBC #UniversalTelevisionAlternative
‘A rare female voice behind action-packed blockbusters,’ and ‘a certified media mogul,’ - Just a few of the ways we - and @Variety - like to describe our co-CEO @DanyGarciaCo. Click the link in our bio to view the full list of women being celebrated in Variety’s 2018 #WomensImpactReport .
Why is King John II of France a lesser known leader of the world? Listen in our bio as @AndrewJenks uncovers #WhatReallyHappened to “John the Good,” after he abandoned his royal responsibilities and wrote himself out of the pages of history.
To change the world, you need a revolution. To start a revolution, you need to fight. And Spencer is a fighter. See it all go down tonight on the big SEASON FINALE of @BallersHBO. 10pm on @HBO. #Ballers
@TheRock and @JasonStatham are setting the tone! After just one week of production, it's safe to say you won't want to take your eyes off of what's to come with #HobbsAndShaw . Photo by President of Production @hhgarcia41. @universalpictures @davidmleitch
When he says he’s got you, he’s got you! Tune in tonight at 10 pm for a brand new episode of @BallersHBO , where Spencer is making good on his promises by any means necessary. @HBO
Relations between America and Cuba were at an all-time high, until an alleged sonic attack against US citizens brought everything to a sudden halt. @AndrewJenks investigates #WhatReallyHappened in this week's episode, in our bio.
#WhatReallyHappened on that emotional day in the desert, when Venus Williams forfeited a 2001 semi-final match against her best friend and sister, Serena? Listen in our bio as @AndrewJenks dives into this infamous American sports headline.
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