Robyn Rihanna Fenty

🎈Rih Liked 🎈Mel liked x2 🎈Stanning the trendsetter Robyn Rihanna Fenty. 🎈#FentyBeauty available on FENTYBEAUTY.COM

2017 is bout to be over...are u happy or nah?
She looks so good w bangs😍❤
I remember when I used to be amazing w captions
Can't wait for the HQS of her new photoshoots OMGGG SHE BE SPOILING USSS
Hi everyone❤
Do u ever wonder why some Outtakes ARE OUTTAKES?????L
New Rihanna ig fp:Follow me I'm a new navy Old rihanna ig fp:glad that another person stans Robyn!! New rihanna fp:No,i Stan Rihanna...
Fave song from Unapologetic?
SCROLL FOR FACTS.and let's see how many of you are still going to laugh about her forehead 💕😊 #yallsmallbrainedpeople
Gm,Y'all had fun this weekend?
Her smile 😍😭
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