Living life in Ontario... Love riding my bikes and still trying to get a handle on playing my guitars.

Let me jump on the bandwagon. Here's my 10 years before and after. A stunning transformation if I do say so myself. 😆
Well, I think she found her first love.
On our way to the North American International Motorcycle Show #motorcyles #familywhoridestogetherstaytogether #newbikefever
I think the puppies missed Miranda and are happy to have her back at home for the holidays.
Throw back to when we lived on base compared to now. It was a difficult transition.
Fall, please stay a little bit longer.
Picked it up today and I'm really pleased how it turned out. #AtomCats #fallout4 #PowerArmor
So I'm sitting on the deck having a coffee and doing some homework when I look up and this guy is staring at me. #Nigelthewonderdog #jackrussell #jrtofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #JRT #jackrussellsofinstagram
I think we may have a bit of a motorcycle helmet addiction. Going to need more walls. #mesametalworks #mesametalworksco #agvhelmets #guymartinracing #guymartinhelmet #bellhelmets #hjchelmets #vegahelmets
Had a great ride with my good friend Mike yesterday. He's embarking on a long motorcycle ride across Canada in order to share his and hopefully other Veterans' stories. A big shout out to @royaldistributing for helping him out. Now I know why I shop at your locations. Now if only other motorsport companies would give him some help it would be great. @kawasakimotors @fortnine @revzilla #dispatches2018 #veteranspark #royaldistributing #CanadianArmedForces #KawasakiCanada #kawasakiklr650
One up, seven more to go. Great idea Mesa Metal Works. #helmetwallmount #mesametalworks
Ordered a back up key for my R1150RT from Peak Motorsports about a month ago. Not sure what kind of precious metal @bmwmotorrad uses for the production of their keys but for $50 I'm going to lock this one up in a safe. For that kind of money they could have at least finished it with a bit of plastic to make it easier to use, there's not much to grab onto if you plan on using it regularly. On a positive note, its nice to have a dealership in Barrie. @bmwmotorradca #ExpensiveBMWreplacement key #ItsNotJustGoodItsGoodEnough #peakpowersportsbarrie
So I'm cruising letgo for motorcycle items when I come across this Snell85 Bieffe helmet for $95, for a 30ish year old helmet that is pretty much useless and doesn't even have a cool story that goes along with it. We weren't even selling them for that much brand new when I worked at Medicine Hat Honda back in the late 80's. I couldn't even give a helmet away that was that old, my conscience wouldn't let me. People selling really old helmets is a pet peeve of mine.
Perfect way to start the day. #hottub #smalltownliving
Nigel our little Jack puppy is growing up too fast. #jackrussellterrier #jackrussell #jackrussellsofig
Met the legendary Fast Freddie Spencer today. I'm still processing the fact that I actually shook his hand and had a bit of a conversation with him. #Legend #RacingLegend #fastfreddiespencer #HRC #motorcycle #MotorcycleRacingLegend #torontospringmotorcycleshow
It's slowly coming apart. I find it difficult to get anything done when there's a little Jack Russel crying for my attention. #jackrussellproblems
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