Shahil Patel

Co-Founder & CEO, @bollyxfitness It's all about Family. And smiling with all your teeth! 😄

Smile with all your teeth! 😄 grab every moment and make it count!!! so so so grateful for the @bollyxfitness family, and for everyone who has been along for the journey. We've made such an impact together and this is only the beginning. What an incredible opportunity to present our program to @lorigreinershark @rohanoza @mcuban @bethennyfrankel and @kevinolearytv. While we didn't strike a deal, it was pretty epic watching you guys get down with Bollywood nonetheless!! And while I disagree about the value of our business, I do appreciate the valuable feedback and insights you provided. We'll get to work making it count 👊
Check out the soundtrack from our dance with the Sharks tonight!!! 🎵 @klasikhz made this from scratch. If you haven't heard his music, you GOTTTTTTTA check out him out! To the @bollyxfitness family, he's our incredible music director and you'd never even know it because he's that humble! #grateful #brothers #Repost @klasikhz ・・・ Watching Mark Cuban dance to a Klasikhz beat 👀 What a moment to cherish with the team at @bollyxfitness. I've witnessed greatness from @shahilbollyx many times and this is just another notch on his belt. Honored to have shared this moment on @sharktankabc. Full music available in bio! Video by @arcraystudios
In this moment, the first thing that comes to mind is my sister @kashopper21 thanks for always being the rock of our family. Remembering all the times we used to sing together as little kids... look how far we've come!!!!!! Love you always and forever. 💛
'X' marks the spot 🙅‍♂️ Subbing for @fenbollyx tonight at @thedancecomplex 8:30pm, be there or be square! #bollyx #thebollywoodworkout #dancecomplex #rockstars #mondaymotivation
Channeling my inner T series @tchelva 😂 class was lit! #BollyX #TheBollywoodWorkout #bollywood #dance #boston @thedancecomplex
Ayyy, choreographing something new for our Happy Hour event at @neddevines next week 😉 If you're in Boston this Tuesday at 6pm, come through! I'll be breaking down the moves + we'll be grabbing drinks and appetizers after 🎉🎊 Hope to see you there! Tickets and event details available at #bollyx #thebollywoodworkout #happyhour #urvashi #bxboston
Getting ready for class tonight @6:30pm @vimfitness - see ya there!!! 🙌 #bollyx #thebollywoodworkout
So much fun tonight with this crew!🤘 #bollyx #thebollywoodworkout #boston #bxfitfam #bollywood #cardio
@vimfitness rockstars tearing it up! Class schedule in bio =) come dance with us! #bollyx #thebollywoodworkout #bollywood #dance #cardio #fitness
All grown up, and still going strong 💪 she's the MVP of our family and always will be ☝️ #lovemysister #grateful
Cruisin' through the 90's with @kashopper21 ✊😂 #meandmybabysister #happyrakshabandhan
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