Jacob Butler

Self taught artist from Perth Western Australia. Live Art specialist. Go to to check out my work and enquiries

- Shaun and Kat - Live Wedding Painting Shaun and Kat both first met at the Norfolk in Fremantle a few years ago - which happens to be ALSO the exact same place Ange and I first met! So we made the magical gates of the Norfolk the setting for Shaun and Kat’s live wedding portrait, painted live at their reception. Thanks for having me and looking forward to grabbing a few more beers at the Norfolk with yas! @speckytsm @katty2387 Venue: @rfbyc Painting setting: @norfolkhotel #infreo #fremantle #liveweddingart #liveweddingpainting #liveweddingartist #destinationweddings #perthwedding #weddingideas #weddingengertainment #weddingartist #elopementphotography #portraitcollective #photobugscommunity #weddinginspiration #weddingstyle #norfolk #australianwedding #destinationweddingphotographer #paintingtimelapse #timelapse #goprotimelapse #portraitimelapse #portraitartist
- Tina and Philip - Live Wedding Painting I was honoured to capture @eyegasm_knits and @uset - two brilliant Sydney artists - on their awesome wedding day at Burnham Grove Estate in Sydney. Looking forward slapping some paint around on some Sydney walls with ya's when Im next in town! Venue: @burnham_grove_estate Chapel: @thetravellingchapel Flowers: @twisted_stems #weddingartist #weddingportrait #sydneyweddings #elopementphotography #destinstionweddings #portraitartist #speedpainting #pressurepainting #liveevents #liveeventartist #sydneyaustralia #sydneyweddingplanner #melbourneweddingplanner #perthweddingplanner #destinationweddingphotographer #liveweddingartist #australianaartist #liveweddingart #shakeyjakey #benignessentialtremor #acrylicsportrait
Had 3 hrs to paint from scratch in front of over 1000 people whilst one of my favorite comedians performed @jimeoinmckeown @crownresorts beers tasted pretty damn good at the afterparty! Thanks for having me @propertycouncil 🤲 @kathybails Special thanks to for the reference photo in helping raise funds for @mission_aust #underpressure #livepainting #inthezone #perthisok #crownresorts #perthcity
Thought I’d share this speech I wrote a few months ago when I was asked to open the JTC Annual Art exhibition: The speech suits my current trajectory as yesterday I attended my orientation day at Casuarina Maximum-Security Prison where I’ll be hosting art workshops for the prisoners - and today I boarded a flight to Sydney for a wedding painting :) ------------------------------------------------------- The speech went a little something like this: Hello everyone and thankyou for coming here today to celebrate the beautiful artwork created by the artists in this room. My name is Jacob Butler but I am more commonly known as Shakey Jakey, a name given to me by my work colleagues from my old job on the wharf due to my tremor. My life as an artist all began about 5 years ago, when I came to a realisation that I was bored to death with my job at the time, and wanted to make life more interesting so I decided to pick up a texta and draw a picture on my work mate’s safety helmet. Up until that point, my purpose in life, was the pursuit of money. My goal was to Find the highest paying job that required the littlest amount of effort. Just like all previous attempts, I ended up getting the sack. I generally believed that money equalled happiness. But Inside I was unhappy as my life lacked any purpose. I always loved art as a child, but it felt like every time I expressed an interest in being an artist, as a child and a teenager, I was convinced or swayed otherwise because it wasn’t a real job, it was too hard and how could I be any good if I couldn’t keep my hand still enough to draw a straight line. At the age of 25 when I picked up the pencil again and began to draw, the whole world changed and opened up. I began drawing every day, and then tried my hand at painting using colour. After every painting I completed my confidence improved, my thirst for knowledge grew and I was making other people happy. I finally found a way to express myself as and leave my mark on the world, I found my purpose. I realised that the pursuit of money was a scam, really the pursuit of being true to yourself, finding your passion and following your dreams is what really m
- Tim and Karis - Live Wedding Painting @ange_butler and I were so happy to be able team-up and capture legends- @karis.castles and Tim on their wedding day in Freo with paintbrush and camera. Thanks for having us! Photography: @rolling_stills Timelapse photo of Shakey: @publicityimages Venue: @ltcreatures music: Joakim Karud
Ill be painting a one-off piece LIVE this Friday that will be up for sale to help raise funds for the @edowa_inc Welcome to country from 6:00. 357 Murray Street, 6 — 8PM. details: Connection to Country: EDOWA 2018 Art Exhibition Fundraiser will be exhibiting a wide range of works from all across the state, including some stunning examples of contemporary Aboriginal art, and breathtaking naturalist pieces. Local legend Shakey will also be producing a live paint on the night! Drinks will be flowing from our sponsors Stella Bella Wines and Gage Roads Brewing Co! Welcome to country from 6:00. 357 Murray Street, 6 — 8PM. Entry is free, RSVP below! #livepainting #liveart #perthartist #perthexhibition #perthisok #perthartists
I’ve had a whirlwind few months, knocking out huge deadlines and painting into the early hours. But it’s been all worth it. When I decided to start painting five years ago, I decided to push myself as hard as I can to be the best artist I possibly could be and chase my dream all the way. I’m so grateful that now I can confidently paint for the public, for myself and also at some of the most intimate and treasured moments in life - at weddings. The wedding season has well and truly kicked in and every weekend I’ve had the thrill of painting at weddings from Perth to Sydney. I get to meet new amazing couples, family and friends - and capture them in their best moment. Now that I’ve fully moved into the studio, I can’t wait to put the final touches on each wedding painting so that they land pride of place in their new home. photo @ange_butler #inthestudio #wip #artistportrait #perthartist #liveweddingart #liveartist #livepainter #shakeyjakey #benignessentialremor #essentialtremor #perthstreetart #perthisok #infreo #weddingartist #rollingstills #weddingideas #perthweddings #destinstionweddings #sydneyweddings #bespokewedding #weddinginspiration #studiowip #keepgoing
This is my first piece painted @levelupstudios a few months ago for their opening exhibition and this week I'm finally moving in! Its been a long time coming. Im used to painting In a Tin shed with holes in it, dodging rain drops, spiders and or sweat from overheating. Finally getting an upgrade! @levelupstudios Many thanks to Terry for landing my painting "Enter The Mystic"
Awesome time painting a North Freo tribute mural at my favorite local @oldbridgecellars and bevvie @gageroadsbrewingco The piece started as a sketch incorporating Iconic freo elements. We turned the sketch into a photoshoot shot by @ange_butler of my bro Josh and partner Katrine. Before the painting began, @oldbridgecellars ran a comp to have your dog painted on the wall. It received an amazing response of over 5000 submissions. 'Neo' the chocolate border collie landed pride of place and was a joy to meet and paint. During the week I got to meet the local primary and kindy kids and teach them a few tricks. I had about 4 days to complete the painting for the deadline but like most of my favorite pieces ilI be back for more! thanks to the legends at @oldbridgecellars also to @tennewsperth @infreo @commnewsgroup for the great coverage! #infreo #oldbridgecellars @gageroads_wa #dogmural #fremantle #dogsofinstagram #frenchie #frenchiesofinstagram #perthartist #perthstreetart #fremantle #beachpainting #leightonbeach #bordercolliepart #dogtribute #perthisok #essentialtremor #shakeyjakey #banjoisking #perthmural #northfremantle #mtn #ironlak #gopro #perthbeach #belltowertimes
Its gonna be a great week! An exciting collab with @ange_butler and @gageroadsbrewingco kicking off today at our favorite bottle shop @oldbridgecellars #bottleo #oldbridgecellars #banjoisking #gageroadsbrewery #perthmural #perthisok #streetsofperth @infreo
About two months ago @ange_butler and I were asked by @ncsls to design and paint a mural in time to celebrate the NCSLSC Centenary. The mural was to be designed and painted over with the involvement of the cadets, over a series of workshops and painting days. After many design variations and discussions with the club, we arrived to a design that spanned the 16m wall located on the downward ramp opposite @theblueduckcottesloe The mural depicts a timeline of club members representing different generations from past to present, reflecting that the club isn’t just about surf life saving, its about family, history and moving forward. Thanks to the amazing NCSLSC staff, members and the public for your valued support and help to create this piece. The members who gave up their time for the photo shoots and the young nippers and cadets who helped paint the mural! @slswa @slsaustralia #surflifesaving #ncslsc #communitymural #perthisok #banjoisking #cottesloe #northcottesloe #surflifesavingwa #centenerary #perthstreetart #perthisgettinggroovy #westernaustralia #thisiswa #surfart #shakeyjakey #essentialtremor #ironlak #montana #rollingstills #cadets #nippers #lifesaving
Due to unforseen environmental conditions I've been painting throughout the night to finish the North Cott Centenerary Mural, lucky I've got my watch dog Banjo to keep me safe... photo: @ange_butler
Final Piano is a tribute to our favorite spot in #westernaustralia located in the Pilbara. The red Kangaroo is relaxing in the same camp spot where I proposed to my now wife @ange_butler 2 years ago. Head to @brookfieldplper from the 15th of October to play your favorite tunes on this bad boy.
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