Hurricane Helms

Pro Wrestling Superstar, The Hurricane. Wrestled for @WWE , WCW, ECW, @ringofhonor @OMEGALives & @ImpactWrestling. Social Dragonfly.

I know a guy!
Thx to @epiccomics for recommending these gems. Can’t go wrong with Robert Kirkman and @ruckawriter. Exercise your minds Citizens. READ!!
It’s not even 9am and I’ve done cardio and now I’m heading to the Performance Center. Am I outworking you? Why? Let’s go Citizens!! #CurrentLegend
Trouble Trouble Trouble Trouble Trouble Trouble Trouble @therealec3. Those @collarxelbow shirts tho!!
The lads.
So today I did a thing. My 2018 tho! #CurrentLegend #IKnowAGuy @wwe
Flight delay? Sure, I’ll have another. 😁🤷🏻‍♂️
Over 11,000 strong popping for the Chokeslam King. “Indie” is not a bad word, and Pro Wresting is awesome! #CurrentLegend #IKnowAGuy #FutureHOFer
Such a beautiful day and ceremony. Congrats again to @thewonderouswendy and @ricflairnatureboy. Myself and @h2hempress wish you all the best. Love you both.
Had a Hurri-Blast teaming up with my friend @davidarquette last night. DA has been putting in the work in the gym and in his training. He loves Pro Wrestling and it shows. Great job my friend. #Respect
Name this trio.
TONIGHT! Poughkeepsie, NY! The Hurri-boot of Justice is going up some asses and a few keys to Chokeslam City will be handed out! #CurrentLegend #IKnowAGuy
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