I'd rather be timelapsing

Another crescent moon rising, but in a different part of the world. Here it passes behind Mt. Rainier as the earth spins on. Music by @hammockband
Crescent moon rising on the northeast coast of Iceland Music by @hammockband
A nice little scene I found while briefly visiting the white mountains a few years ago
One of my favorite scenes from ICEland
Lenticular clouds are always amazing, but even more so with a hint of aurora
With winter in Ohio being pretty miserable, I needed to find some form of nature therapy. So, I took a timelapse clip from Fiji from a couple years ago and added in the sound from a video I had taken on my phone that same morning. Mmmm. I could have sat there and listened to the birds and insects all day.
Happy New Year, everyone! I've been really into panoramas lately, so here's a new one from an old trip in the Icelandic highlands. Lizzy was taking in the view nearby as waves of wind and snow constantly came and went.
Pretty fun watching the boats flock to the coast of Oai to catch the sun setting over the ocean. One cruise ship even follows it off into the horizon. Music by @jordancritz
I was lucky enough to see a rare donut cloud over the mountains during my last trip to British Columbia 🍩 Music by @slowmeadow
I was hoping for a colorful sunset on this evening last month, but that didn’t happen. It kind of just went straight into blue hour but we didn’t mind. Music by @hammockband
There’s nothing quite like being directly under the northern lights
A gathering of peaks off the Coquihalla Highway in British Columbia
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