I'd rather be timelapsing

I was lucky enough to see a rare donut cloud over the mountains during my last trip to British Columbia 🍩 Music by @slowmeadow
I was hoping for a colorful sunset on this evening last month, but that didn’t happen. It kind of just went straight into blue hour but we didn’t mind. Music by @hammockband
There’s nothing quite like being directly under the northern lights
A gathering of peaks off the Coquihalla Highway in British Columbia
A job took me to Santorini, Greece a couple years ago. It wasn’t too enjoyable with the hot days and crowded streets, but the cool quiet mornings sure were nice. Music by @jordancritz #rhinocg
Reflecting on fall in Colorado a few years ago. See what I did there 🤓
A bit of fog and fall colors along the shoreline of Alouette Lake in British Columbia. Full panorama is up on my website (link in bio)
Conditions were just right on this morning a couple weeks ago 👌🏻 Music by @lowercasenoises
This day in Iceland we drove to a waterfall on the other side of a mountain pass on the northeast side of the island. We were hoping to shoot aurora over the falls. As the sky got darker, the clouds got thicker and odds weren’t looking good. After a couple hours of waiting and seeing aurora activity behind breaks in the clouds, but still feeling rain drops, we decided to head back up the pass in hopes of clearer skies up there. Then we found an unexpected fresh coating of snow. We also found clearing skies. We pulled off the road to watch the lights. Shortly after, the roads turned to ice so we decided to stay put for the night. We didn’t mind one bit.
Frame from a colorful timelapse clip I’m currently editing. It’s always a big bonus catching a sunset like this while up in the mountains. It helped make the cold wind seem a bit less cold.
I head back home to Ohio in two days, unfortunately. I’m going to miss this magical place. Music by @mtwolfofficial
Mornings in the mountains 🙌🏻 Music by @hammockband
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