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Very excited to have made a Polaroid Paintings book of my paintings around Queenstown, NZ. I only have a few available so let me know if you'd like one! $36 + postage
Drawing portraits at @thecommons
Painting up at the Murray πŸ’•I am taking Polaroid painting commissions. DM me for info x
I have missed a lot of the Get to know the Artist prompts lately but I did really want to do #meetthemaker Most of you know me and my work but probably don't know much about what running a business of a freelance illustrator really looks like. This is me painting on a sunny day in my studio when the world seems like my best friend and I'm really happy, but not everyday is like this. No one really talks about the hard side of running a business on your own. There are amazing exciting days filled with opportunities and dream jobs and then there are days clouded with rejection emails or silence. There are short deadlines with high expectations and lots of work which can be amazingly overwhelming and there are times with no work which can make you doubt yourself. The quiet times can be the hardest. Running a business isn't just drawing all day which I once thought it was, it's marketing, networking, admin, invoicing, quoting, researching, art directing, packaging, posting, exhibiting, the list goes on, and then there's the fun part of doing the work. But then amongst the highs and lows are these beautiful sunny days where everything settles in the background and I can refill my cup by painting, drawing, teaching, doing the things I love and that make this crazy roller coaster worth it. When you invest in an artist, you are not just investing in an artwork, you are investing in their business and supporting their passion and helping them to do what they love everyday. Thanks to everyone who supports me and my business πŸ’•
'Chloe' print - available in shop // link in bio x
'Love Birds' print available in etsy store // link in bio
Always looks better framed!
Happy Engagement @markybirch & Amelia πŸ’•
Winery Estate Illustration
Painting the beautiful Lavender Farm at @lavandulafarm in Hepburn πŸ’•
On tonight's episode of Get Krack!n on the ABC, I'm playing a Ukrainian Sand Artist
That time I went to a painting party πŸŽ‰ Such a good party idea!
New illustration
Bridal Sketch
Happy Ladies Day πŸ’•There is a lot of incredible women in my life and here's a shoutout to all of you that have loved and supported me. So lucky to have so many incredible women in my life, you are my wings 😘
Fashion Illustration for Jewellery label Prims Way x
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