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This is the face of someone who just finished her first day at work! Thank you @novahealthclub for making me feel so welcome! . I celebrated with a burrito, extra one does. . . . . . #squee #outintherealworld #ididntsleepatalllastnight
Love this so much! #Repost from @shegetaways ... That’s it. That’s all. Call us crazy if you want. But this is literally how we see you at camp. When you let it all hang out. When you let it all go. When you are nothing else Like little fireflies lighting up the camp all weekend long. 💡 . Call us crazy, but it’s true. Shout out to @tayloredforyoufitness for this one. Struck a cord. Happy Sunday!!!! ❤️ #shegetaways #love #light #letitallgo #letitallhangout #sundayvibes #weseeyou #fireflies
Anyone who knows me knows I love coffee mugs (and white t-shirts but that's a whole other story). I only have one coffee a day but I really love it and the mug is part of the process. Some of my mugs are inspirational and others are funny and make me smile. I found this piece of perfection at @retrofestive this morning. Can't wait to use it tomorrow morning. The world would be a better place if we were all a little more like Mr. Roger's. It almost makes up for the Grinch mug I broke last year.
This amazing human being turns 17 today. I feel so lucky to have been able to watch him grow into the person he is today -  kind, considerate, smart, funny, athletic, and pretty much good at most everything he tries (but not everything because he needs to stay humble). He is someone who has known who he is from a young age and has stayed true to that no matter what. Every year with him has been amazing but now that he’s older, I cherish the conversations we have. Our after school, on the porch, in the van, talks where I learn so many aspects about him. I love listening to his opinions on different topics and even when we don’t agree on something, he still listens to my side openly (you know what I’m talking about, dude!). . Happy Birthday, Adam. I love you my sweet baby boy (and yes, no matter how old you are I still get to call you that). . p.s. He never tells his friends it’s his birthday so, you know, send him all the birthday wishes.
This was me on vacation last week but I had a little secret I couldn't talk about out loud. . In a crazy – and I mean crazy in the most amazing way – turn of events – beginning next week I will be the Officer Manager at @novahealthclub . I’m not a big believer in ‘things happen for a reason’ (Hard work and dedication always pays off but fate? Not as often) but I do believe things happen when they are supposed to. And me starting this job happened in the most serendipitous way possible. I’m excited to be working with this incredibly dedicated team of trainers who bring a truckload of knowledge to every workout (I know this because they have trained me and I have the sore thighs to prove it). . Cheers to new adventures. I’m looking forward to what this one will bring.  Bonus points because I’ll get to see @alisonrobin every week. . Cc @coach_zack_fern @jammin_in_1988 @drkateirwin @chrisjdrobertson
When your amazing aunt takes you on a cruise then secretly sets up a Christmas tree in her cabin to surprise you with gifts because you won't see her over the holidays.
Last sunrise of the trip did not disappoint. . . . . . #sunrise #sunriseoftheday #sunriseporn
Pretty in pink(ish)
Apparently if you're early enough and patient enough Mexico will give you two sunrises.
Mexico's sunrise did not disappoint.
When they say you're going to kayak through a jungle in Guatemala, apparently they really mean it.
Beach day.
Honduras was nice enough to greet us with a rainbow.
Good morning, Honduras.
It pays to get up early. Mother Nature creates a beautiful canvas.
Even the cat can't believe it snowed. . . . . . #catsofinstagram #cats_of_world #catstagram
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