Sharone Kremen Martin

My ❤🌎 @josemartin @itsjacobelijah 🎭 @babyariel 💋 Twitter: @sharonkrem “It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.”Lucille B

In awe of this girls spirit, energy and perseverance! ❤
I love their friendship 💟
There is a hero in all of us 💥
"All the world's a stage" write your own story!!
Our show family... Jose's like, "who's this guy!?!" 🤣 @brat
On set with my girl! Dreams do come true!!
Happy 14th Birthday to my dear Jacob, you are truly a special kid... kind, intuitive and wise beyond your years... I love how much you appreciate the little things, how you see beauty even in the mundane and what a positive force you are in the world! I love you 💟🎈🎂
Behind the scenes shots from the video shoot... I am so incredibly proud of these two! I LOVE this song!! 💟 #sayit link in bio As an aside, 1st photo...what is Ariel doing?? And what is Daniel thinking??😂
So coordinated!!😂 and so patriotic!❤💭💙
Ariel explains her manicure to the man on stilts, because....Ariel 😂 @babyariel @itsjacobelijah
Lucky to have met and watched one of fifth harmony's last performances before taking a hiatus!!
So Ariel and Jacob met a raptor and this happened!! 🐾 @itsjacobelijah @babyariel
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