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My ❤🌎 @josemartin @itsjacobelijah 🎭 @babyariel 💋 Twitter: @sharonkrem “It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.”Lucille B

Bleu vs. Ariel & I. Part 1, 2 and 3. 🙃.
Hacked 🥰🥳🤩😎🤣😜😆😒🙃😎🤓😗😙 #######oops
Happy Merry Holidays!! Thank you @babyariel for our cute pjs 🥰. Can you spot the difference?? 🤣
Happy Chanukah to all those that celebrate!! I made my earrings myself😂😉
Did you see Ariel on Henry Danger?! 😂 what’d you think!? It will be on tomorrow at 7:30 again!
We had a trip down memory lane 🤭the ups, downs and in betweens... link In bio #zariel
It’s fitting that you arrived on Thanksgiving, because not a day goes by that I am not grateful to have you as my daughter! I am infinitely proud of the person you are...kind, intuitive, selfless and wise beyond your years. I love you angel pie, Happy 18th Birthday!!!♥️
On our Morning walk today💙 open your eyes and appreciate your surroundings is fragile 🦋🌺🌈 #love4cassie
Sometimes in November When the sun is sitting high A warm Fall breeze will steal the leaves And cause the trees to cry Sometimes in November A butterfly will appear A cherished thought, a battle fought For one you loved so dear Sometimes in November A daughter will pass away You wallow in grief, seek relief And then you learn to pray Sometimes in November An angel gets its wings It’s good and bad but always sad Both joy and pain this brings Sometimes in November A family must say goodbye As Heaven awaits to open its gates To November’s 🦋 -unknown author. #love4cassie
On Monday, Jacob and his lifelong friend Cassie went for a bike ride when she was tragically hit by a car and killed. There aren’t words to express the pain and sorrow that we are left with in the wake of her passing. We just celebrated her quince a few weeks ago. Cassie was a pure sweet girl who was loved by every person who met her. She touched all of us so deeply and we are better for having known and loved her. Cherish those you love, hug them and tell them everyday. Cassie, we will miss you so much and we will remember you and treasure your memory angel. #love4cassie
I’m adopting him 😉 #nextgen2018
Ariel tested me on 2018 music in her new YouTube video.. and I failed miserably!!!🤔🙄😏 link 👆
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