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Rather be forced to watch Peppa Pig than have JET LAG, but a brother has got to rise up when he has date night. #takecareofyourwoman
That’s what I am talking about! @laalkabootar. Cinema in different shades, Waiting for this one ... @kamalkay @manshapasha @ahmedaliakbarofficial @azmisius
🇧🇭 Bahrain
One of the biggest highs is when something you observe in real life can be alchemized in a character. 🤙 @stephanandrewphotography Special shoot. #actor #process
Bibi Jaan Love @sabafaisal.official #lamhay
Faded photo day. Muslim Bagh, Balochistan shooting Moor(2015) on Netflix. Was my PHD in film with Jami and the incredible team.
Ma and Khala. Two sisters, incomparable sense of humor. #fam
Serious throwback here at the Actors Studio Drama School in New York City. This was one of our thesis plays called A Hatful of Rain where I played heroine addict hence I am looking like a....heroine addict. Thanks to @bstock199 the director of the play for sending and @blaynesalloway for being in the poster. #actorsstudio #newyork #theatre
First step is to acknowledge you have a problem. #yes #i #am
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