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Long week with some killer looks 🙏🏼Head over to @marquessartistry to see some of the glam I created for #teammakeupbymaskara @makeupbymaskara on our contestants! . . . . . . . . #makeupartist #losangelesmua #lamakeup #arkansasmakeupartist #pageantmakeup #marquessartistry #bblogger #makeuptutorial #casualstyle #levis
Celebrating #nationalselfieday like its different from any other day I post a selfie 🤳 🤷🏻‍♀️
What am I laughing at? The world may never know 🤭 . . . . #sleekstyle #allblack #smile
Well here we go! 🙈 @si_swimsuit and @sportsillustrated just announced they are having their second ever open casting! So I am officially putting myself out of my comfort zone to chase my dreams, and sharing something not many people know about me. I used to be more than 50 pounds heavier than the person in this video. I was the girl who was “big boned”, “carried her weight well” and “at least has a pretty face”. I made a drastic change in my life by loosing weight, but gained something else entirely that I never planned on. I realized I didn’t need to be a size 0 to be beautiful. Through the process I gained self confidence, self-worth and the understanding that as long as I am happy and healthy a size nor a scale determine my worth. Sports Illustrated is breaking barriers for every type of model, (plus, straight-size, midi, short, and everything in between) paving the way for size inclusion in the industry! To say being in sports illustrated is a dream of mine is an understatement. I would be honored to be a part of this amazing organization and show other women and midi models that everyone has a place in the industry because we are all BEAUTIFUL ❤️. Comment, share, tag and tell @si_swimsuit & @mj_day to make my dreams come true!!! And yes I am filming this in my hotel room while I’m working hair and makeup on location. I was so excited when I heard the announcement that I had to make my video ASAP, even if it had to be a hotel selfie video! 🙈😅 siswimsearch #siswimsuit #siswim
Unpack~Pack~Airport *Repeat ✈️ #blackonblack
If you really know me, you know this is the closest thing to cowboy boots I own 🤫 #citygirl #countrytown
💥 . MUA: @briellehudson
Fly too close to the sun and you just might get burned 💥 . Makeup: @briellehudson
Life’s no fun when you take yourself too seriously 💋 . Comment 🙌🏼 if you wanna see a full Beauty breakdown of the look on @marquessartistry
Girl how you gonna leave me right in the middle of a memory 🌻
Triple post and I don’t even care because we’re cute and I love her 👯‍♀️
My Coffee Bae @lorenahaliti ☕️ How’s everyone else spending their Sunday? .
Sundayz ✨ Wearing Silk Lash Style “Gisele” @marquessbeauty
Learning to love yourself first is one of the most difficult and most important keys to happiness. It’s a daily struggle for all of us including myself, but each day is a new trial and a new chance to overcome and to thrive. Remember that you deserve every ounce of love and success. So if no one has told you today, you are worth it ❤️ #wednesdaywisdom
What’s the secret to the perfect dewy complexion? Sweat from 13 hours straight of makeup, hair and shooting 💦 About as glamorous as working behind the scenes gets 😅 Follow @marquessartistry if you wanna see the results of my sweat equity behind this reflector, And of course the magic that is @realaustinryde 📸
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