Stephanie James

Rock, flag, and eagle.

This is my life. This is why I’m so happy. I’m utterly floored and obsessed with this personality drawing by be. I’ve looked at it at least 200 times since he sent it to me last night. It makes me so happy. Sometimes I feel fake when I tell people how happy I am in my life but just look at this and you’ll understand why I’m beaming. I sent him 7 words the encapsulates my life. I am forever thankful. Check out his website. It’s affordable and deeply satisfying. Thank you again read my next comment to see the words I sent him.
16 years of friendship 💖🙌🏼
‘Twas a good weekend #tb
Our little intern is going back to Washington :( you never even made me a cup of coffee 🤷🏼‍♀️ @melissa_lamb11 and I will be visiting in no time 💖🌸👑 #dontmakemecry
I had my best friends over and we each made a bouquet. Separately, they each where super unique and interesting, beautiful on their own but, holy shit, together they are amazing. Feeling very full of love and happiness. Thanks, girls 💖🍃🌞🌸
Please remain seated and keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times.
Living in a floral dream 🌿🌻🍃🌞 #soilsisters #gardengirl #ojai
Thanks to the hard and diligent work of @cali_ann_picc we have a serious chamomile tea supply that will get us through the winter and beyond. I’ve put in time harvesting as well but she deserves a crown for her hard work 💖🙌🏼 #socialism #teamwork #gardengirls #soilsisters
Mom & Pop 🌿🌊 • *highly considered cropping our son out of this #tb
I like this picture. 🌞🍃🌻🌿
My favorite place in my favorite shirt 🤘🏼✨💖🍃💧🌞 #thejunglecats #farmgirl #fennel
Weekends are for the flowers 🌸✨💕💧#flowerstagram
The perfect flower doesn’t exi..... oh wait. #StrawFlower
Gratitude ✨🍃🌸🌞💧
I collected this fennel seed in Ventura at the end of summer last year. The bees love it. #seedsaver #seedsaving #fennel
It’s this man of mystery’s birthday. I almost love him as much as I love Otto. That’s saying a lot. 💖🤵🏻
OH!!! 💖🐶
MOOD: I’m not working tomorrow. Happy Sunday ya fools. #weekendvibes
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