Stephanie James

Maker of NativeTides Ceramics

Because dogs make everything better, here’s a ridiculously cute photo of Otto to get you through it.
Hello 👋🏼 we are voters!!! Get out and vote tomorrow. Don’t pass up a chance to flex that civic duty. Plus, it’s sexy to vote. So go out there and make us proud. #vote #iamavoter #civicduty #proud
Zion, January 2016. #disposablecamera
Out here repping for Team Zissou #lifeaquatic #halloween #spooky #photography
He’s a Yeti, don’t ask questions #halloween #spooky #photography
The Queen Bee of Topa Topa St 🐝👑 #halloween #stunning #photography
More house porn from #AustinTexas
The perfect house for someone who thinks people drive too fast and wants to be left alone. #austintexas #greenbelt
Ma & Pa take on Austin. #austin #texas
Can’t drink the water, not really a concern for us. #austin #greenbelt #texas
These little guys are holding onto summer as long as they can. Globe Amaranth 😊🌷 #soilsisters #garden #autumn #photography
Hacienda, I miss you. @scribewinery
Happy Friday 😊✨🌻🌸🌲🌞 #flowerpower
Hang in there, friends✨
Spooky Vibes from @mattcostamusic on Wednesday. Thank you to everyone who made it out. It was absolutely perfect. I appreciate @mattcostamusic and @pamelalittky so much. These intimate shows are like no other. Matt you’re truly talented and I can’t wait to see what Pamela does with all the footage from your tour. Here’s to next year 😉 🧛‍♂️ 🧛‍♀️ #santarosafangs #mattcostamusic #ojai
@mattcostamusic is playing in my backyard on Wednesday 9.26. Come get weird. Drink free beer. Dance freely among the creaky oak trees. Or else I might put you in jail? No but... it’s a thought. Link in my bio for tickets 😊
It’s my gorgeous best friend-work wife-girlfriend’s birthday today. I have a zillion reasons why I love her but honestly, she still throws up the peace sign and that might be my favorite thing about her. You make my life better and I love you. 💖😍😘 also I have about 100 photos of you 😂🧐
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