Shirin Carter

📸 photographer “ c.1999 educator journalist copywriter mama lover This is all I ever was.📍currently Western Australia

Introducing Mr Homemade Rendang Pie. 🥧🤤 @thecreativemuses #firsttimer #homemade #ilovefood
The human spirit can endure a hell of a lot when it comes to love. And what a crazy couple of weeks it has been, involving airports, hotels, fire engines, mothers, major sicknesses, heartbreaks, kittens, losing one’s voice, parting ways, family, more tears, “the Black Plague” and auto-piloting through everything because it’s your responsibility, regardless. It felt like I have been in TWILIGHT ZONE 😱i still haven’t found my voice yet, all the coughing has given me abs and tears have only just stop flowing after nearly 2 weeks🤒😔Stay safe and embrace the holidays peeps. #enroutetoalbany
“Darkness, the truest darkness, is not the absence of light, but the conviction that the light is gone. But light always burns and shows us family, love… things entirely new.” Lois Lane @thecreativemuses 📸 @shirinismailcarter #photographerslife #darkandlight #alwayschasingthelightinthedarkness
Miss Zelia Catalina @vicparksummerstreetparty throwing a mini tanty the minute she got to the festival because it’s hot and she has a cut under her foot.😳😡 Some days, I wish I can auction her off for ½ price... 😂 @thecreativemuses 📸 #vicparksummerstreetparty #thecreativemuses #weekend #zeliacatalina #secondchildproblems
18 years since I met you but I still get tingles. 🤭 film, you have my heart. ♥️🎞 @thecreativemuses #filmphotography #canon #photographerslife #filmforever
When the film camera decides to throw a tanty in the middle of the runway, you get shots like this 🤩 @sabrina_spalding @sophiebult @becandbridge @artistsatplay @lorealpro @thecreativemuses 📸 #filmphotography #canon #runway #srwa2018 #noedits
“Take your fate into your own hands. Take responsibility for your own mistakes. Embrace the adventures. Don’t ever be afraid of rejections.” @thecreativemuses #weekendthoughts #shotbyzeliacatalina
Realising that you need a pair of bifocal glasses 👓 , the ones that you used to see your grandparents wear to read the papers, make me feel extremely nostalgic... and old today. Haha..🤭👵🏽 #lifeandageing #photographerslife
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