Shraddha Das

Actor,Bodhisattva,Workaholic.The pug life chose me😊Twitter- @shraddhadas43 Fb- Enquiries contact-Amit-9673122279

Amidst all the agreements and disagreements,we still have the same heart and intentions😛 #rehearsals #skits #goodtimes #nammyohorengekyo @shefali_saxena08 @visheshsharma4u
Costume trials for something new and super-duper exciting again..(ignore the shoes🙄) #cantwaittoshare #workmakesmehappiest #💃
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this one is so my line! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Some days are so perfect, you just want to relive them again n again🖤 #miss
⭐️💫⚡️ @jelenamalesevich ‘Shine bright like a diamond😂’ #metropol
Jelena what is d name of this building ..hmm National Post.. Poste.. no no.. Telegraph .. ok.. do you know any professional guide here ..hahaha...... @jelenamalesevich see i did not destroy your photography with extra lightness 😅 #nofilterneeded #serbiadiaries #belgrade
“When I haven’t any blue,i use red😊” Keep it simple and easy! Thank you @street9com for gifting me this comfortable,simple and beautiful kurti.. #tasselkurti
Happy birthday Praveen Sattaru ..i don’t have to wish anything for you because you will have whatever you want anyway😛 i have to share this picture again because i think it perfectly symbolises us! The arrogant director and his nice,sweet humble🤣 actress and troublesome lucky charm at the movies😛😛 To many more blockbuster Guntur talkies’ and Garuda vega’s and national awards💃 #happybirtbday @praveensattaru
Happy birthday Chotu @amit_adhikari_ for being my partner in crime for all the mischief i like doing at work and otherwise! For bearing with all my tantrums,moods demands 🤣 as a manager and as a true friend! For taking care of Meenaxi di,Maai,Gauri di and playing with my pugs ‘dil se’ even when i am not around! And for ordering me to wake up and sleep on time and irritating me 24/7 😀 i hope all your dreams and wishes comes true.. Action,direction,production sab kuch kar my hardworking buoyyy but mere tantrums always jhelna🤣 Hor das kinni tareefan chaahidi ae tenu!’ 😛 #happybirthdaymydearfriend 🎉 !
Darkness in my lightness😊..clicked by @jelenamalesevich #candidpic
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