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#Entrepreneur / #YouTuber / #Techenthusiast / #Digitalnomad / #Videographer / #🇪🇪 / Get the AliExpress link from my video below for the humidifier:

Do yourself a favor and get a humidifier for your dry indoor air. Video link on my profile 🧩
An unforgettable night has been had 🙏🏻
I love my people 💛 Here is to another year 🌍 See you tonight @jungle4eva
Pärnu + Tartu = 🖤💙
MATTE BLACK EVERY THING The philosophy behind matte black tech: Black: because you will notice it the least of any other color. Matte: because no fingerprints to take care of! Technology should just be there in the background unnoticed doing it's thing and should just work while YOU GET YOUR SHIT DONE!
Do your part as good as you can and the rest will fall into place. 📷@ab.visuals
Wanna see what lowest point on this planet looks like? Video link on my profile.
Two blondes in the Holy Land 🇮🇱
Ancient Iranians believed that when they bury people in the ground, then the ground would become infertile, so instead they took them to the mountains, to such mini caves and let vultures do the rest.
So with 30 I got my first tattoo. It was on my mind for a couple of years already and what a souvenir to take home from Los Angeles. The first one is always special. With everything. 🖤
Link to the full video on my profile! Thank you @alinabirjuk and @svennu with helping out with filming 🙏🏼🖤
In one moment you're beating your brother's progress in Super Mario and in the next, he is beating you in getting married. Life happens fast. Congratulations Ivana and Silver! 🇲🇰🇪🇪
Pärnu Represent. 10 years by now. Thank you @muhoov for the partnership opportunity!
Today I invested in my first cryptocurrency @arcblock. Feels good, feels real good! 🔝💹
#tbt to the days when my bum was successful, highly regarded and beach-y! 🍑
When your photographer tells you: "..and now you have to pee really really badly."
Probably the closest I will ever get to Son Goku and the Dragon Balls 🔮 #kamehameha
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