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Inspiring generations. Highlighting sikh athleticism and achievement and enlivening Sikh History and Philosophy. 🦁ੴ ੴ ੴ🦁

#Repost @bhagatbedi **Bhai Taru Singh ji** Link to Full Painting in my Profile. My painting of Bhai Taru Singh ji shows him meditating after his scalp was removed by the Mughal executioner. Admist the darkness, Bhai Sahib reclines back as a beacon of light and shows us that the path to enlightenment is to uphold Dharma. #bhaitarusingh #bhaitarusinghji #sikhwarrior #sikhsaints #warriorsaint #bhagatsingh #sikhiart #sikhart #sikhpainting #sikhartist #punjabiartists #punjabiart #sikh #sikhi
I'm sure a lot of people can relate 🙄🙄
@unstoppable_singh001 👏🏼👏🏼 shout for our own to win
@ricky_13_singh @randeep911 repping the colours 😁
The reason why the page was started. To continue Sikh excellence in physical pursuits and move the average Panjabi household away from alcohol to a healthy lifestyle. "He would order his Singhs to exercise and run races, and inspect them from all sides in a standing position. He would make some of them sit and some of them stand, while asking still others to get up and run races. He would ask some of them to pick up big sticks and engage in mock duals. Sometimes the guru would stand in the midst of a ploughed up field and ask his singh's to hit each other with pieces of solid earth. Sometimes the Singhs would play a game of Sonchi OR engage themselves in BOXING and WRESTLING bouts. Guru Gobind Singh felt much delighted by these bouts that he wished to confer landed property awards on his brave Singhs" - EXTRACT FROM EPISODE 16 'The Expansion of the Khalsa' SRI GUR PANTH PARKASH.
72 yr old Singh Arm Wrestler 🤼‍♀️
Kindness and motivation take different shapes and forms 🔶🔵🔺🔹🔳
Due to the other days events we didn't get a chance to honour Bhai Mani Singh Ji and his Shaheedi. "Praise be to Bhai Mani Singh who had his body dismembered to keep his faith. Praise be to Bhai Dyal Singh who was crushed on spoked wheels for his faith. Praise be to Subeg Singh Jambar and his son who kept meditating even whilst being crushed on a rack. Praise be to all the singh's who kept their faith who shed their mortal frame in the name of their guru" - Sri Gur Parkash Episode 110 #shaheedi #sikh #sikh #guru #sacrifice #warrior #warriormindset #battle #martyr #war #singh #strong #strength #mind #strengthofthemind #veterans #legends
ਬਹਾਨਾ Ki Aa Tuhada ? #noexcuses elders setting the trend 🙏
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#Repost @manny.tura 18 months ago friends and family would visit me at the hospital and at home as if they were they were showing their last respects It's heartbreaking to hear that when people who would see me would leave in tears as they thought my time had come Now they came to see me shine and do what I do best and that is defy all odds #NeverAcceptDefeat #ForEveryDarkNightTheresABrighterDay #MachineManny #ThemFeelsAfterBreakingARecord #Intensity #WheresTheStomaNow #CrohnsDiseaseIsntControllingMe
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