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@harwindersinghsira student Dilraj Singh wins his first fight 🔥💪💪
Our prayers go out to all those affected and their families in the earlier terrorist attack in Christ Church #togetherwearestronger as Sikhs we've experienced the same in Wisconsin. #ardaas #waheguru #unity #prayers
#Repost @singh_tegbir lots of people dont know about on which basis #kesari Movie is made Read history below ⬇️⬇️ They call the Battle of Saragarhi one of the greatest last stands in military history: 21 Sikh soldiers held fort against more than 10,000 rampaging tribesmen for over six hours. Nearly 120 years after it happened, the story of the battle of Saragarhi is finally going out to the world. After the Netflix series 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897, the story will be retold through Kesari, the film in which Akshay Kumar plays Havildar Ishar Singh. Till you get to the series or the film, here's a recap of what really went down on that day in 1897. Where is Saragarhi? Back in the 19th Century, Saragarhi was a tiny, nondescript village in what was then the North-West Frontier Province. Today, it stands a few hours outside Peshawar near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Who fought the Battle of Saragarhi? The epic Battle of Saragarhi was fought between 21 soldiers from the 36th Sikh Regiment of the British Indian Army and over 10,000 Pashtun tribesmen. The battle took place nearly two decades after the Second Anglo-Afghan War. The British Army, trying to gain control of the hilly Central Asian provinces, was in a long-standing conflict with local tribes and clans. Many battles were fought, with hundreds of Indian foot-soldiers martyred towards the British cause. What happened in the Battle of Saragarhi? Fort Gulistan and Fort Lockhart in Afghanistan were two fortresses under British control at the time. The forts would communicate with each other by using mirrors to flash Morse Coded messages. But the distance between them was quite a bit, and so, Saragarhi was set up as a signalling station--to relay messages from one end to the other. 21 soldiers from the 36th Sikh Regiment were deputed to guard this post. Read in comments ⬇️⬇️ #beard # #kesari #bollywood
#Repost @sikhmuscle #throwbackthursday An elderly Sikh Pehlwan Wrestler posing with his trophy haul from his wrestling days. Baba Ji poses with a Gada / Garj (Mace) the designated weapon of Hanuman. Across Akhare in Panjab Sikh, Hindu and Muslim wrestlers trained and lived like brothers. The significance of the Mace being awarded to winners is that it represents strength as Hanuman has become synonymous for strength and his representation has become an integral part of the wrestling Akhara. @elliotthulse
Shaheed Udham Singh 🙏🏾 the final picture in the collection is the pub in which Shaheed Udham Singh bought the pistol that would eradicate Dyer.
Better to get into the gym late than never. Some people laughed at this video but we actually think it's something to celebrate. Never too late to get a hold of your health 🏃🏽
#Repost @kiranjeetsingh_89 WMK 🙏many more coming Gaurabh Chakrvarti Aman yadu
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