Simba Da Tank

Amercian Bully Product of Dmbullyz Seattle WA

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Waiting for my popsicle
Playing tug a war with my lil big bro
First time in the river
Waiting for my daily run like #seattlebullies #americanbully
The face i make when i see some fresh tail
Out finding new sticks to play catch with!!!! Bully life!!
Out on a run with my lil big bro
Night bully world!!!
Restless in Seattle #bullylife
Where is my human siblings?? #sadpuppy #bullyhasfeelingstoo #bullylife
Gosh i wish my dad will wake up so i can go out and play more
He picks out the best shows to watch
Morning walk with my mom
When im full but still want food!!
I will always watch over my big lil bro Toebee #bullylife
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