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this legit cracked me up🤣 #TrueStory 😬 #iLoveMemes 🙈SorryNotSorry💀 #Hailllooo bhaisaaab ???🤪😳🤯 ‘ who does this to You??😝TAG THEM😈 Right now👇🏼
main Tainu pher milaangi...#
Yesssssss🙌🏼 every human on this planet needs to understand and swear by ‘self-love’ before they start swearing by ‘romantic-love’ alone😌 #LearnToLoveYourselfFirst . coz you can’t give out love if you don’t have it for your own self at first place❤️ #Stop waiting for someone else to validate you and do it on your own, who knows you better than you??💕 #BelongToYourOwnSelfFirstAndThenToTheOthers ❣️
i MISS You @thesalonisagar ❤️ (and how) #FavPictureOfUsForever 😍 i wanted to write a long arse caption right here but then i looked at the picture and stopped- “it doesn’t need it honey! this picture is more than words could ever say” ****slow-mo romantic music in the background please**** O.K. Thanks! #iShouldStopNow coz it feels like the next thing would be me proposing you😅🤪i mean look at this picture babe, i meannnn just looook at itttttt, just look🤩🧐(i know you are single😈) #PlusWeBareWithEachotherSoWell 😂 #OkayiBetterMoveThisToOurWhatsappMsgs 🤣😅😂huhahuhaahua! #LoveYouToTheBitssssssssssss 💞
“Sexy doesn’t come from the shape of the body, but the fire in a soul.” - J. Iron Word
what we are actually supposed to do when we are typing ‘LMAO’ with a straight face, in a text to someone🤣🤪🙄🧐 (btw this is a Candid one for Real😬)
sun and tan lines🌝🤪
Much needed Goa vacation with my Bae💓🏖 🌊 #BestFriendsForLife 💕 #Getaway 🏝 #iMissYouLove 💘 #MeriJind ❣️ #SheIsMommyGoals 👸🏻💞 #MommysGirl ☺️ #HowDoiEvenDeserveHer 😩😘 ‘ We both explored this place for the first time and loved it. We used to spend hours sitting next to eachother at the beach, talking as well as in silence❤️ laughed, sang, danced, ate our lungs out🤣 tbh it was just me who ate like a pig🐷🙄(and my new belly flab still reminds me of it🤪) also! to top it all we clicked all kinds of fun and embarrassing selfies/mirror selfies this time coz none of us is Pro at it yet🤪🤣 ‘ P.S. can’t wait for zillion more vacations with her❤️👭
not a cat person but this sweet lil thing😘🐱 #BasantKaur #DaanaPaani #Shoot #Ganganagar #OurCuteLilKitty 💖
images depicting my state of being as soon as i get on a flight ✈️🙄😬😅😴 ‘ #Yes my spirit animal is Panda 🐼 🤪 ‘ #PandaPandaPandaPanda
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