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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND! I’m so happy to be able to be able to see the young woman you’re growing into Bernadette! . You’re sweet, passionate, driven,thoughtful, loving, all wrapped up into one. . I’m so excited to spend another birthday with you. Can’t wait for many more together! Happy birthday my love!
Low on time?! Try this workout!. Deadlifts. Wall Balls. Bar-facing Burpees. Barbell Rollouts. . . . DM me for sets and rep ranges! . . . #motivation #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #workout #wod #wodoftheday #personaltrainer #personaldevelopment #nutrishop #nutrishopusa #nutrishopaf
Low on time?! Try this workout!. 1 Min Treadmill run. Bentover Barbell Row. Front Raises. Push-ups. . . . DM me for details on reps, and set range! Enjoy! . . . #motivation #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #workout #wod #wodoftheday #personaltrainer #personaldevelopment #nutrishop #nutrishopusa #nutrishopaf
What a fun weekend! So glad we were able to show love to this event that @katrinajo hosted for @hennessyus ! So fun watching @canelo win this fight. Very entertaining all the way through 12 rounds! #howwehennessy
Hakuna Matata from us to you!
So happy for one of my longest time friends @_roxannelopez_ ! Happy we were able to attend their shower yesterday. We look forward to celebrating your big day.
I like to use the “lack of time” as an excuse too often. In reality it’s a lack of planning or procrastination 😔. . BUT I’m openly admitting my faults! 😏 . Comment below something you use as an excuse.
Come to 6am class they said, it will be fun they said... 😅. . If your not crawling during the work out then you’re not working hard enough. 🤣. . I love how hard my brother works when you teaches his classes. He does a great job at designing a workout program, and has come along way since the start of his fitness journey. Proud of this kid.
Birthday Celebration is off to a good start 😊
Family Fit Night! 💪🏽 We’re just missing papa G! @dudleyrubiperry
Two and a half years of #Disney passes and we’ve never seen a show😱. Today was fun playing #tourist at the park. COMMENT below what Disney show we should see next at the park! 👇🏽
Get to your goal and get your aggression out! 🤣 My client @tlabellarte came on her #birthday AND wore this shirt she had made! I love it! Happy birthday, and thanks for the idea on #promo shirts! 😆
Yesterday’s #sundayvibes was dedicated to giving back! Over 1000 sandwiches were made and handed out to people in need! So glad I was apart of this helpful event. #hashtaglunchbag #hashtaglunchbagla
Does you’re coach push you through a tough workout with a smile on their face? 😅 It’s 2018 and I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can! If you’re ready to commit to your goal, I’ll be more than happy to walk you there. Email me to get started. 💪🏽
-11lbs of Fat, and + 2lbs of Muscle! 💪🏽 #howboutdat . Getting to a #Fitness #goal is easy when you have a kick ass program to follow and are kept accountable! Please double tap and show some love. If you’re interested in getting to a fitness goal, private message me and we’ll work out a program for you!
I enjoy long walks in the park, drinking beer and eating churros. 😊
Had an AMAZING weekend with this beauty #celebrating our #anniversary . Can’t believe that it’s been 4 amazing years with such a kind hearted loving woman. I love you @bernadette.marie_ thank you for being the person you are. #Cheers to more us!
TURKEY BOOTCAMP COMPLETE! 💪🏽🙌🏽✔️ Thankful for my dedicated clients that showed up, kicked ass, and burned a 💩 ton of calories before the feast! 😅
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