Juan Guajardo

🤘🏼ΩΔΦ Fall '16 ⚔️🛡 So Cal Knight // ΔΕΣΜΑΔΡΕ

Issa Knife.
The Bond. 🔗
Los Mariachis Desmadrosos 💀
To a lifetime of Desmadre. Happy Bday nena. #JediKnight #LosLobos #SprintGang
Birthday shoutouts to my (Favorite) cousin! You’re “Hella” old, Ale! But you still won’t ever beat me at shotgunning. (Included is proof from the last time I beat you.) 🙃 lmao
Big shoutout to the newest members of the BB Chapter of ODPhi. Special shoutout to my SIBLING @chrissanchez10 (Sir 5UEÑΩ) and my GRAND LITTLE BRO @randigonzales (Sir PATHΩ2) for making it through the process. BE TF OWT NEOS!!! #JediKnights #SoCalKnights
Birthday shoutouts to my Little Bro! One of the best experiences offered to me by this organization was the opportunity to be this kid’s Big Bro. The ΔESMADRE is strong in this young Jedi! Happy Birthday, Sir FΩRT3.
Major: Health Sciences. Minor: Chemistry. She did it, Guys! Congrats, Ale! #DESMADRΘSA
Birthday shoutouts to my favorite Super hero, my sister @caligirlkg toughest person I know. Made my nose bleed with her elbow one time. Been best friends ever since! Hahaa love you dude!
Congrats, Bro! 🛡⚔️🎉🎊 #Bakunawa ! #Bakugan #GraduateOurBrothers
Happy BDay lil hyna. Finally 21. The Desmadre is about to be at a whole Nu level! 😛😵. No te hechas mucha crema en sus tacos! 🥛🌮
Peep the Glow-up. Neos in Texas ➡️ Prophytes in Cali. #CLU3 #PB #ΔESMADRE
First ever 110 Derby. LAFC vs Galaxy.
Happy 87th day of the year! 🛡⚔️🐧
A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested. 🛡⚔️
I am a Jedi. Like my brother before me. #ΔΕΣΜΑΔΡΕ
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