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Tried to do one of those super cute ginger bread baby photos you all do 😂 it was a complete fail but to cute not to post anyway 🥰 #gingerbreadbaby #gingerbreadgirl
Dakota’s personalised bow arrived today ✨ Thank you @willowbowtique 💖
Old nan got the girls one of these gorgeous name bracelets each and I’m in-love with them! 💛✨
Dakota’s little piggy tails are too short for hers 😂#thatmullettho
Grandma sent her a box of Christmas presents and these little clip in hair extensions were her favourite things in there 😂 How cute does she look though? 😍🙊✨
she does have arms, they’re just hiding behind her back 😂💛✨
Can’t even deal with how beautiful you are ❤️🌹✨
Baby girl 💖👑✨
“Mummy, do you like my picture? It’s Santa sneaking inside to put presents underneath the Christmas tree and his reindeers are waiting in the sleigh” 🎄🥰🎁🎅🏻✨ . . . #santa #santadrawing #toddlerpictures #socute #christmasart #love
Thank you Grandma for all our new swimmers ❤️🥰✨
I’ll stop now 😂💖💦
Happy days 🌞✨
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