Skylar Wolfenbarger

I'm allergic to life

But don’t be afraid to take a chance
“Fuck your couch”
Livin like a home¿😋
Summa’ summa’🌻🌻
I made it!🎓🌟
Prom 2018💗🎉😜
Thats one way to start off the trip🇨🇦 #wildaf
Do blondes really have more fun?
Falling in love with your best friend is amazing, Happy Valentine’s day sweetie💖
I’m so happy I got to spend Christmas with my boy⛄️💖
Selfie Sunday💖
I don’t know how to caption selfies, I just like this picture okay✌🏼
My first #seniorsunday 🎓
It’s amazing how fast a year goes by when you’re with the one you love. Franny is my everything and I’m so happy to call him mine. I love you so much baby, happy anniversary💞🌎
Fall senior pics were a success😁
🍁The leaves may be falling, but my mood isn’t🍁
The rink may have been cold, but you warm my heart💞
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