at slime bash oct 27-28th!

• hi! my name is Anna (on-uh)🐳 • super satisfying fun videos🤙🏽🛍 #slime • next restock at slime bash! ____ shop! slimes available!

give this slime a human name! let’s see how many creative names we can get😋🤤❤️ - slime bash cereal👻 this slime is so glossy, thick, creamy, crunchy, bubbly just like UGh. it’s scented cotton candy gummy bears and it’s so good! this will be sold at slime bash in ONE MONTH AND TWENTY DAYS! - #slime #slimey #slimetutorial #slimepressing
the last app you used before IG you have to delete forever!😱 what is it?👀 - reece’s pieces🥜🍫 honestly this slime is one of my favorites at slime bash.... ITS SO FREAKING THICK AND GLOSSY LIKE WHAT EVEN😍. like the gloss is so much, and the thickness is on point😩 the smell is a mouthwatering peanut butter cookie and chocolate, which is heavenly🤤
comment an opinion, and you can only comment back agree/disagree😱 let’s see how many people comment...🤪 q from @moon_cotton - wild cherry watermelon nerds🍉🍒💚 y’all this slime is a MUST. turn the volume all the way to hear them crunches🎉 it’s so thicc and glossy like WHAT. this baby will be sold at slime bash in literally 1 month and a half😍 I CANT FREAKING WAITTT👀😭😩😘 - #slime #visualart #crunchyslime #slimey #cherry #art #beads #crunch #sizzle #asmr #stressrelief #anxietyrelief #calmingvideos
(CLOSED) GIVIEAWAY!! all you have to do is tag 3 friends below, and follow and turn on post notifications! you’re responsible for travel there, and hotel! you will need to provide your name phone number and email when you win, so not comment or dm it to me now! this will end on saturday!❤️❤️🤤🤤🤤
spell your name backwards!💕 - these are so good😍 the smells are so nice i love it sm. the vid is inspired by literally everyone who has done it i don’t even know who did it first lol. i know @slimeyoda and @slimeglitterz did it though lol.
type “i want to be a.....” and use auto fill for the rest!🤪 - mixing video with these wonderful new line of @slimebymaddierae food colorings! it comes with 24 beautiful colors, and new ones have been added as well ! i will have 2 more videos like these so stay tuned😍
LABOR DAY SALE ON MY SHOP RN!! comment what you’re doing today! i’m watching emma chamberlain while my parents are at work🤪
your battery percentage is what year you want to travel to! mine is 1979😘 (put 19 in front of your % lol, if it’s 100 then it’s 2000) - super satisfying mixing from last video😍
comment your most recent emoji and find a twin 🤪 - random clay cloud mixing inspo @slimeyoda 😘😘 y’all i’m so tired this is preformed from like 2 days ago and i’m struggling
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