• hi! my name is Anna (on-uh)🐳 • super satisfying fun videos🤙🏽🛍 #slime • 3,900+ slimes sold🤗 ____ shop! sold out👌🏽

the last number of the time + the first number of your battery percentage is how many slimes you will buy this month! - making a lil snow globe! i love these
slime bash was legit so fun. i wish i went to a slime school 😉 i’m sad i gotta leave but oh wellllll ima miss it😩❤️
on a scale of 1-10 how much do you hate traffic? - wild cherry watermelon nerds! super crunchy glossy thick slime😘 i was stick in standstill traffic for 3 hours and we have to run around and be directed out🤦🏻‍♀️ be at slime bash at 7:30😍 if i seem mean i’m sorry i’ve had a rough day lol
OFFICIAL SLIME BASH STOCK LIST MADE BY @hunniebubs SO CUTE!!! - cherry lemon is added aswell. currently stuck in traffic😴
type “my biggest fear is....” and use the predictive text for the rest! my biggest fear is to come home from school tomorrow night and then go home. great story!! - m&ms okay so this slime is EXTREMELY THICC, glossssyyy, and super crunchy! it smells like chocolate and it’s so creamy i love it🤙🏽😍 i’m grinding so hard for slime bash like you don’t even knowwwss👌🏽🤙🏽😻😨 - tags: #slime #slimetutorial #slimeasmr #asmr #asmrslime #candy #halloween #slimer #stressrelief #visualasmr
GETTING SO HYPE FOR SLIMEBASH !!!! It’s in 9 days😱 Me and maya are the first ones up, be sure to come and see us! @slimebymaddierae #slimebash
your battery percentage plus your age is how many slimes you get a month☺️😰 - wild cherry watermelon nerds🍉🍒 y’all this slime has AWESOME initial crunch. it’s scented like watermelons and it’s great for poking, bubble popping, and it’s so glossy😍👌🏽 slime bash is in 12 DAYS!! IM HYPING. check my story for updates😛😻😻
play finish the song in the comments!🎼 q from my dad @tibbleslimes - FUNFETTI FROYO🎂🍦 This slime is so puffy, spreadable, and super creamy. The scent is unbelievably realistic and smells JUST like funfetti birthday cake with notes of vanilla frosting, the buttery moist cake, and sprinkles (they don’t have a scent but o well). This will be sold at slime bash in 6 oz portions🤪😘 - tags: #slime #slimeasmr #cake #butterslime #cloudslime #slimetutorial #slimeusa #asmr #satisfying #satisfyingvideos #slimer
your name with ‘s + the object on your right is your new song!🤪 - i know this is a complete fail, but i ran out of shaving cream trying to be @slimeobsidian and it didn’t work so i’m a failure sorry:( but i’m so FREAKING HYPE FOR SLIME BASH AHHH - #slime #slimetutorial #shavingcream #butterslime #asmr #slimeasmr #asmrslime
you’re out if: -you hate starbursts🤤 -you’re watching tv🖥 -you’re home alone🏡 - starbursts🍓🍋🍊🍒 this slime is so thicc n glossy😍 it’s super crunchy, bubbly, and overall an amazing texture😛 it’s scented like starbursts, and i’m IN LOVE😍❤️ this will be in the candy grab bag at slime bash! - tags: #slime #slimey #slimeasmr #asmrslime #candy #starburst #halloween #stressrelief #anxietyrelief #slimetutorial #slimer
type “the milky way is...” and click the suggestion bar🤪 - caramel apple milky way🍏🍫 okay so let’s get this straight. THIS IS THE BEST SLIME IVE EVER MADE😍 it’s so creamy, buttery, stretchy, and inflatable. like watch the whole video to see it’s true beauty😘🧐 it’s scented apple butter caramel and i’m LIVING sin my BOOTs!! - tags: #slime #slimey #slimetutorial #caramel #butter #butterslime #clayslime #milkyway #asmr #asmrslime #slimeasmr #stressrelief
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