sienna rearick

I'm 11 and I'm looking for a boyfriend. He has to be In either 6th, 7th, or 8th grade no higher no lower and he can't be a perve at al

Boring day
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Kitten playtime
You want photos of me try to get me up to 82 followers that's only 10 more until then they are gonna be posts of my sister and family
Listening to most girls by Hallie stainfeild on pandora
This is for you @bigdanejr
#messy hair day
#rockin 'shawn
So bored
Vote in the comments should I keep this hairstyle, go back to the old one, or get a new one. If you vote for me to get a new hairstyle then take a pic of what hairstyle that I should change it to and tag me in it is #awesome