Smith's Leather Balm

The adventures of a husband & wife in Maine Hand pouring an all natural leather conditioner

Saturdays at the Smith house. Early to rise while the house is quiet and still. Hot coffee and a quick read. Walk the dogs. Then, make a batch of balm and fill orders. Try to hit the Post Office before noon. Spend the rest of the afternoon together as a family. We’re trying to find that balance in our lives Between running a business and running a family. In the midst of the Holliday hustle make sure you Take some time to be with the ones you love. And be there. All there. Together. #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
Goodbye, old friend. Up until last week every batch of hand poured balm Had been prepared in this simple stainless pitcher. Designed for use as a camp fire coffee pot, It has served us well for more than a year now. This week we upgraded to a 20 quart stainless pot. Rest assured, every batch is still hand measured, Hand stirred and hand poured with love Right on our stove top- just in a slightly larger vessel #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
Welcome to the family. Thank you to everyone who came out to support Our pop-up shop at the Portland Trading Company. This event was a tremendous success. We don’t measure success in number of tins sold. But rather in the amount of people we met and In the number of friends we made. And this weekend- we made a BUNCH of friends. Thank you @portlandtradingco for having us. It was a honor for us to be featured at the hippest spot in all of Portland. #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
This rocky coastline is our spot. It’s a short walk from our house. Less than a mile. We like to sit here and listen to the waves crash like thunder on the rocks at our feet. It sends a salty mist into the air. As you breathe it in, it helps you reset. The coast has always been our retreat. A quiet place to relax and refocus. If it’s too cold we sit in the warm Jeep and listen to “Coastline” by @hollowcoves on repeat while we watch the waves from a safe (warm) distance. #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
What “Made in Maine” means. To us, it’s about so much more than just our location #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow 📹 @wearesaltbox
Life passes by in seasons. We used to have an ordinary life. Boring, I guess. Married with kids. School, work, sleep, repeat. Until the day we decided (reluctantly) to step out and try something new. We filled a few tins with our scratch made leather balm and sent them out into the world, just soliciting feedback. I remember thinking; “Who knows, maybe this could turn into something big one day.” Never would I have imagined that one year later we’d be filling 1,000 tins a week in our small kitchen. I guess the message here is; break from the ordinary. Try something new. Take a chance. You may find That crazy idea of yours isn’t so crazy after all. Thank you for the opportunity to live out our dream, Together, as a family, making balm, just doing life. #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
The perfect stocking stuffer. Orders placed today will also receive: A FREE Smith’s Leather Balm magnet and pin Plus FREE US Shipping on orders of 2 or more. Leather boots and bags are on many wish lists. Give them a way to care for that beautiful leather. Plus you can spend Christmas Day watching Worn leather boots, bags and gloves Be magically transformed back to life. #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow 📸 Our friend Erhan @tworoutes
Thanksgiving leads to peace. This journey has been the busiest part of our lives. We made the decision to start a small business, Home school our kids and renovate a small barn. It’s been quite an adventure. Stressful at times. But we’ve found the amount of stress in our lives Is tied directly to the level of gratitude in our hearts. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by our responsibilities. But when we stop to consider our many blessings Much of the stress and anxiety seems to melt away. Pause and reflect on the good things in your life. With gratitude comes contentment. With it, peace. We all have so very much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving. -The Smith Family #smithsleatherbalm #happythanksgiving
Handmade Gift Challenge This Christmas season, before you start shopping We’re challenging you to change the way you gift: . This year, give at least one thing that’s handmade. The best, most thoughtful gifts are made by hand; Made on a workbench, not in China. Made in a studio, not in a factory. . You may not be able to make something by hand That’s okay. Find someone who does. Find a craftsman, an artist, creator or builder. Find someone making quality goods by hand. . Dad doesn’t need another tie. Mom has plenty of perfume. Stop lame gift card swaps and white elephant gifts. This year, give the gift of handmade. . If you accept our challenge please let us know And consider sharing the idea with a friend. There is an image in our stories you can share. . #smithsleatherbalm #handmadechristmasgiftchallenge
We’re having company. A King actually. We’re hosting a King this weekend. . Last year, when our brand was still just an idea We mailed samples to a few select leather craftsmen. We were soliciting feedback. Is this stuff any good? I remember sending one of those very first samples To a master leather craftsman in Ontario. . Today, he’s one of my closest friends. This weekend he’s coming to help our brand. He’s never been to Maine so this will be fun. We’ll eat lobster, drink Moxie and talk leather. . Maybe we’ll do a live Q&A this weekend. Please let us know if that sounds interesting. . #smithsleatherbalm #littlekinggoods
Fall in Maine happens so fast. It’s tough deciding how to spend a Saturday. We’ve only got a couple weekends to complete projects around the house before winter arrives. That also means only a few more opportunities for Fall hikes, camp fires and Jeep rides. . You win this Saturday, Responsibility. We’ll be working on the barn with some help from Dad. We hope you get to spend some time outdoors. . We still have a few hoodies left in stock. Grab one today and we’ll toss in a free tin of balm. #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
Day 100 in our new home. Built in 1940 as a barn, this 1,000 square feet Is our home, home business and home school. . There is no leaving for work or for school. Everything we do happens in this space. Every tin is poured by hand within these walls. . I’d be lying if I told you it never gets crowded. We have 3 kids and 2 dogs who can’t sit still. Some days we take Jeep rides just to get fresh air. We walk to our favorite coffee shop every day. . But we’ve found it refreshing having only What we need (what we can fit) in our lives. This lifestyle may not be for everyone, But for our family, simple is better. . #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
A handwritten Thank You. Thursday we set a goal to raise $1,000 To purchase winter boots for families in need. You helped us meet that goal in just 24 hours! Thank you. We are so incredibly grateful. . Last month 100+ handwritten letters poured in. Your stories, love and support have been amazing. We replied to each letter with a handwritten note. The friends we’ve made will forever be the most Exciting part of this journey for our family. . Communicating our gratitude in a post is impossible. But seriously; Thank You. You’ve overwhelmed us. . #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
Give back. Give boots. (SEE BIO) Maine winters are tough. Temps below zero and Several months of heavy snow on the ground. . Winter can be especially difficult for those Who don’t own a warm pair of winter boots. With 12% of Mainers living in poverty And an estimated 6,000 homeless in our State Many face winter with only an old pair of sneakers. . We’d like to change that. To celebrate our 1 year Anniversary We’re donating ALL sales this week toward Purchasing warm winter boots for those in need. . Our goal is to raise $1,000 which will purchase Almost 50 pairs of warm boots for those in need. Our generous friends @kitterytradingpost Will sell us boots at cost and match our donation! . To learn more, follow our progress or donate Please click the link in our BIO . #smithsleatherbalm #givebackgiveboots
We’re celebrating this week! November 1st marks our 1 year anniversary. . We’re going to celebrate Thursday by giving back. We’ve got something BIG planned. Like, real big. Please celebrate with us this Thursday, Nov 1. As we say thank you for an incredible first year. . We had an idea that became a business, and Today we’re in more than 100 stores worldwide. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Many of you have become lifelong friends. Thank you. Sincerely. We are humbled and grateful. . #smithsleatherbalm #turning1 #holdfastliveslow
Our Story | A Film | Link in BIO Someone told us when we first started out; I like your balm, but I like your story even more. . If you want to know who we are, how we started or Why we’re so passionate about nontoxic living, Watch Our Story by clicking the link in our BIO . Spoiler Alert: Our actual human faces appear In this short video (3 minutes) not just our torsos :) . Please consider sharing our story with a friend. Every person we reach puts us one step closer to Our dream of making leather balm full time. . #smithsleatherbalm #ourstory #holdfastliveslow
Thanks for another record week! It wasn’t long ago we picked up a batch of these Handcrafted cases from @davidfurnitureme They’re gone. They were sold out in a week. . Thank you for the single orders, reorders and New stockists who have come on board this month. Thank you for allowing us to do what we love. We don’t take it for granted. Every day we spend Together working as a family in our home is a gift. We appreciate every single one of you. . #smithsleatherbalm #grateful #holdfastliveslow
The science behind boots: Lacing a pair of boots can make you feel invincible. . The simple act of lacing up a pair of work boots can release endorphins that interact with receptors in your brain to reduce your perception of pain. These endorphins can also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. . So, if you really want to get something done, Get up, put your boots on, and go do it. . #smithsleatherbalm #itsscience #holdfastliveslow
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