Smith's Leather Balm

A Husband & Wife in Maine Hand Pouring All Natural Leather Conditioner

Hoodie SALE this weekend. Order one today and we’ll toss in a free tin of balm. Plus enjoy FREE US shipping on your entire order. . People love these hooded tees. They’re super comfy. So we printed a few more. Limited sizes available. . 📷: @johanmalik80 💪 #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
This old house | barn | workshop We’re all moved in to our new home and workshop! And when we say “workshop” we mean our kitchen. . We’ve told you about it in previous posts, But we wanted you to have a look at this old gem. 1200 square feet. Built in 1940 as a barn. More photos of the inside as we complete projects. . This is just a friendly reminder; Our balm isn’t made in a factory overseas. It’s poured by hand, at our table, in our home. . #smithsleatherbalm #handmade #homemade
We make old things look new. Not just boots. Motorcycle seats, bags and more. . This weekend we’re off to explore the Maine coast With friends @welshmtn who are in town for a visit . We extend the same invitation to you; If you’re visiting Maine and want to hang- DM us. We’ll tour a lighthouse, have a lobster and a Moxie. . #smithsleatherbalm #maine #holdfastliveslow
Someone told me last week: “My boots never last more than six months.” I wanted to say: If that’s true; You’re buying the wrong boots . Boots are more than just footwear. They’re equipment, tools, protection, transportation. The next time you buy a pair- make an investment. Then protect that equipment like you would any tool . #smithsleatherbalm #extendtheadventure 📷 Our friend @eli.ohearn
Come hang with us this weekend We were invited by @kitterytradingpost to take part in their Septemberfest Celebration this weekend. . It’s a huge event with entertainment, food and prizes. Sponsored by New England’s #1 adventure Outfitter. . We’ll be set up in the boot department all weekend. Cleaning boots and giving away free Smith’s gear. If you’re in the area please drop by and say hello. . #smithsleatherbalm #kitterytradingpost
Do you have one of our first tins? Fun fact: Our first 1,000 tins said “Restore & Protect” We replaced that text with “All Natural” last year. We also replaced “Premium” with “Made in Maine” . If you see this- you’ve got one of our very first tins. They sold out last year but we see them occasionally. . Thank you all for the love and support this past year. Special thanks to those who backed us from day one. . #smithsleatherbalm #restoreandprotect
Goodbye, old workshop. Calling it a “workshop” was probably a stretch. It was our kitchen. Small and crowded. Today we move into our new home and work space. . We’re excited to move into our new barn, But this old place will always be special to us. This is where our product was born. This kitchen was the laboratory where we perfected our formula. . We’re only moving a couple miles down the road. A little bit closer to the salty Maine coast. I know our story just began last November, But it feels like we’re beginning the second chapter . #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
From humble beginnings. When I was 15 I got a job at a local family shoe store I worked there all through high school and college. . While my customers were trying on new shoes, I’d clean their old ones. I could make them look new. All it took was a little petroleum based shoe grease. I applied it by hand, massaging it into the leather. . Years later Mandy would discover this same jar of toxic leather conditioner in our home. The label read “Caution; Potentially harmful or fatal if ingested.” . This is what motivated us to create our own all natural leather conditioner using only 3 ingredients. . A friend told me: “Never be ashamed of humble beginnings.” That advice was the encouragement we needed to believe that a husband and wife working from home could create something bigger than themselves. . #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
We make old things look new. Last month we bought an 80 year old barn. We’ve spent every day since restoring the old gem. This week we’ll make it our new home and shop. . We’ve peeled back decades of bad wallpaper. Torn up layers of laminate flooring and carpet. To reveal original hardwood, rafters and beams. There’s a sense of wonder found in restoration. . So, whether it’s a home, furniture, boots or a bag- Reclaim something. Save it from the landfill. Uncover beauty that hides under years of neglect. . There is nothing more rewarding than a rescue. . #smithsleatherbalm #makeoldbootslooknew
This is The Rough Out Project. Our balm is not made for use on rough out leather. But our friend Isaac @pigeontreecrafting asked us to create a formula for treating waxed flesh boots. . He’s partnered with @santalum_id to release a limited number of custom DIY waxed flesh boots. . So, we created the perfect formula for treating waxed flesh leather using only 3 all natural ingredients. Maybe one day we’ll bring this product to market. . But for now this formula will be exclusively for the @pigeontreecrafting boot collab with @santalum_id . These boots are custom made in several color combinations and available right now for preorder. Visit @pigeontreecrafting for details. . #smithsleatherbalm #pigeontreecrafting
This didn’t come from a factory. My closest childhood friend cuts trees for a living. When he dropped a tall, Maine red oak two years ago he cut several boards and helped me make this table. It’s simple and strong. The legs are plumbing fixtures . Since our company began last November- Every order has been filled at this table. Hand poured, hand stamped, hand sealed right here. . This is the first thing we’ll move into our new home. . Why are we telling you this? To remind you- this doesn’t come from a factory. . #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow . 📷 @sarah_lacroix
Almost too hot for boots. Almost. Our friends @railcarfinegoods are including a free tin of Smith’s with every new boot purchase right now. . If you’re looking for new boots check them out. They have a great selection and free US shipping. . While you’re there, check out the selvedge denim. We love their commitment to American made goods that are built to last. . #smithsleatherbalm #railcarfinegoods
No child says on Career Day: “I want to make leather balm when I grow up.” That would be weird. . The truth is; this whole thing happened on accident. Mandy picked up a jar of leather cleaner and read: “Caution: Potentially harmful or fatal if ingested.” . So, we made our own using 3 all natural ingredients. Today, every tin is poured by hand in our home. This is what we do now. We make leather balm. . Sure, I would have rather been an astronaut. But it feels like we’re making a difference in our own small way. And that has made every step worthwhile. . #smithsleatherbalm #handmade #holdfastliveslow 📷: The Amazing @sarah_lacroix
OFFICIAL GIVEAWAY POST We’re partnering with Welsh Mtn to GIVE AWAY one of their new rucksacks. To Enter the Giveaway: . 1️⃣ Follow @smithsleatherbalm 2️⃣ Follow @welshmtn 3️⃣ Tag a friend in the comments . Each comment counts as a separate entry. Unlimited entries. . The winner will be selected at random on Friday, August 3rd at 5pm Eastern Time. . The winning entry must tag an actual friend. Not a celebrity, company or robot. . Winner will receive 1 new Welsh Mtn rucksack ($300 value) and 2 tins of Smith’s Leather Balm. . BONUS ENTRIES: Mention this giveaway in your stories (see our story for details) and receive 10 additional contest entries.
This bag was built for adventure; This all leather rucksack from one of our stockists Is equal parts beauty and function. It’s so versatile; Fit for a weekend in the woods or a day at the office. . And Monday we’re giving you a chance to WIN IT. . GIVEAWAY begins this week. Stay tuned. Find out who makes it and how to win it on Monday. . #smithsleatherbalm #rucksack #giveaway
We built a farm table for this. This is an exciting week for our family and business; We sign papers on our new home and workshop; A 1,200 square foot barn in southern Maine. . Originally built to store hay almost 80 years ago, We’re excited to bring this old space back to life. More photos once we get in and start working 💪 . #smithsleatherbalm #adventure #barn
Distressed, not destroyed. There’s something beautiful about a well worn boot. But there’s a misconception that you have to neglect your boots in order to develop great patina. . It’s simply not true. . Leather will develop a beautiful patina with USE. It will do this naturally with AGE. . The idea that you should mistreat your belongings in order for them to develop character is foolishness. It’s a waste of your hard earned money. . Don’t destroy your boots in order to build patina. Use them. Wear them. Let them age. A light coat of Smith’s every 3-6 months will help. For a full lesson on patina, visit the LINK IN OUR BIO. . #smithsleatherbalm #distressednotdestroyed
Saturdays are for adventure. I was reminded by a friend today that time is a gift. . It’s not about how much time we’re given. It’s about how we spend the time we do have. . Spend every second of your time on the things you love- with the people you love. That time is a gift. . #smithsleatherbalm #saturday #holdfastliveslow
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