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Distressed, not destroyed. There’s something beautiful about a well worn boot. But there’s a misconception that you have to neglect your boots in order to develop great patina. . It’s simply not true. . Leather will develop a beautiful patina with USE. It will do this naturally with AGE. . The idea that you should mistreat your belongings in order for them to develop character is foolishness. It’s a waste of your hard earned money. . Don’t destroy your boots in order to build patina. Use them. Wear them. Let them age. A light coat of Smith’s every 3-6 months will help. For a full lesson on patina, visit the LINK IN OUR BIO. . #smithsleatherbalm #distressednotdestroyed
Saturdays are for adventure. I was reminded by a friend today that time is a gift. . It’s not about how much time we’re given. It’s about how we spend the time we do have. . Spend every second of your time on the things you love- with the people you love. That time is a gift. . #smithsleatherbalm #saturday #holdfastliveslow
What “Made in Maine” means: “There is no better proving ground, or way to test the strength of a product - or people- than Maine.” . #smithsleatherbalm #allnatural #madeinmaine 🎥 @wearesaltbox
Bring some leather back to life. For $8 you can make boots, bags & gear look new. . Don’t replace it, restore it. Extend the adventure. #extendtheadventure #smithsleatherbalm #upcycle
Blog Post | Independence Day The Makers we’ve met over the last 8 months have rekindled our patriotism. Thank you for that. . You have increased the level of pride we take in our craft, and the level of pride we have in our Country. . Today, we are proud to be American. And we believe that’s okay. . It is NOT okay to think you’re better than someone. It is NOT okay to hate. . But a heart can overflow with patriotism when you consider the qualities that make our Nation great: . -A spirit of innovation. -A heart of compassion. –A willingness to defend others. –A commitment to freedom. –A champion of equality. . Sadly, these qualities are not always on full display by all who call themselves American. . But when we do exercise these traits- It is a beautiful thing.
And that is something worth taking pride in. . Happy Independence Day. (Link to full blog post in Bio.) . #smithsleatherbalm #america #holdfastliveslow
Into the weekend on 2 wheels. We bought a project bike. A 1981 Honda CB 900 . First thing we did is restore the 36 year old leather seat with some Smith’s Leather Balm. Looks new👌 . #smithsleatherbalm #extendtheadventure #ride
Why our recipe isn’t a secret: Our friends have warned us to protect the formula. Told us to be general or vague about our recipe. . But we decided early on- if we’re going to do this- We want customers to know EXACTLY what’s in it. . So, while we’ll never disclose the ratios or temperatures at which we combine our ingredients- You can rest assured that every tin contains nothing more than organic cocoa butter, beeswax, and 100% pure sweet almond oil. That’s it. . No toxic chemicals, petroleum fillers or animal fats. . Maybe it’s a bad idea sharing our ingredients- but we like knowing exactly what products we’re welcoming into our home- and we thought you would too. . #smithsleatherbalm #honestingredients #safeonskin
It’s funny, we work from home- But I still put my boots on first thing every morning. . My daughter will ask me “Where you going, Dad?” I reply kindly “Nowhere yet. But I want to be ready.” . #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
HOLD FAST | LIVE SLOW Let go of the things in life that don’t matter. Hold on tight to the precious things that do. Once you have a firm grip on what you love, Live slow. . Every night the sun puts on a show for free. . #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow #maine #llbean #beanoutsider 🎥 @wearesaltbox
We got into Lamey Wellehan! For more than 100 years Lamey Wellehan has been Maine’s premier shoe store. . With six locations across the State of Maine they have served our families with excellence since 1914. . At Lamey Wellehan you’re always a guest before you’re a customer- making it Maine’s most beloved and trusted shoe store for generations. . It’s an honor and a privilege for us to partner with such an incredible Maine based company. We are humbled and grateful for this opportunity. . #smithsleatherbalm #lwshoes #maine
Happy Father’s Day Emma was helping me label tins last week. She looked at the stack of unfinished tins and said “We’re never going to finish! look how big the pile is.” . I told her not to focus on the unfinished stack- but to look at the pile of tins we’d already finished. That pile was 3 times the size of the unfinished ones. . I think maybe that’s what being a Dad is about; Sitting beside your kids. Just being there. Listening to them. Encouraging them. Loving them. . Being a great Dad isn’t giving your kids the best of everything- it’s giving them the best of yourself. . Happy Father’s Day. . #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow
Safe on skin. Safe around pets. Buddy is the Head of Production here at Smith’s. He celebrated his first birthday last week with a pool party, a Jeep ride and a nap on Mom and Dad’s bed. . Buddy spends his days lying at the feet of anyone who will pet him. Which is one of the many reasons we refuse to treat our shoes with toxic chemicals. . Safe on skin means safe around pets too. . #smithsleatherbalm #nontoxic #safeonskin
We just made a special delivery. We dropped off our first 1,000 tin order! Our balm will soon be available @buckleguycom We’re thankful for the opportunity to partner with a proven global leader in this space. . It feels surreal. The last 7 months have been a blur. We had an idea that became a business. And now that business has become our life. It’s been an incredible journey so far. Thank you for joining us. . #smithsleatherbalm #growing #holdfastliveslow
Every week someone asks us: Can you put our logo on the tin and remove Smith’s? . So far, the answer has been no. Maybe one day we’ll offer private label. Maybe we’ll regret not offering it sooner. It must seem foolish to turn away business. . If the tins were poured in a factory somewhere, I wouldn’t care what name was on top. . But we hand measure, hand stir, hand pour every tin The final step in our handmade process is applying our label- which bears our family name; Smith’s . I’m not saying we’ll never agree to private label. But it will be a difficult step for us; To craft this by hand- and sign another name to it. Thank you for understanding. . #smithsleatherbalm #handmade #ownership
Our biggest obstacles in life are apathy, doubt, fear and complacency. Ourselves. . This railroad was carved from the side of a mountain near our home. It was completed more than 100 years ago with tools now considered obsolete. This mountain was reshaped and forced into place- one swing of the hammer at a time. . If you really want to get something done; Get up. Put your boots on. And do it. . #smithsleatherbalm #findaway #getitdone . 📷 @eli.ohearn
We make old things look new. Bring boots back to life. LINK TO FULL VIDEO IN BIO . We’re excited to release the first video we shot with @wearesaltbox for the Application Page on our site. . Please check it out and let us know what you think. Stockists are welcome to share this tutorial on your website and with you customers if you would like. . More videos to come. Thank you @iammatthenry and @legomyclay . #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow #extendtheadventure
Our biggest order yet. We’ve sent cases to Germany, Finland and Japan. But our most exciting order came last week when we shipped a few cases all the way down to The Kittery Trading Post (5 miles from our home.) . I remember wandering The Trading Post as a kid. If you’re not careful you can get lost in their 3 story 100,000 square foot shopping experience. . The Kittery Trading Post has been Maine’s premier outdoor adventure store since 1938. It is an iconic Maine landmark. . So, while we’ve celebrated several milestones along our journey so far - this one is special for us. #smithsleatherbalm #kitterytradingpost #kittery
The story behind our boxes: Hand crafted from 30 year old reclaimed lumber. . Our retail display boxes are custom made by our friend and skilled craftsman, @davidfurnitureme . This solid red oak has spent the last 3 decades aging nicely at a barn in rural Maine before being transformed into a case of Smith’s Leather Balm. . We’ve shipped 50 of these boxes worldwide. It’s our way of sharing a little piece of Maine in every order. . Like us, the boxes are worn, but strong, and they’ve been made beautiful by the wear. If you’ve seen one in person, you know what I mean. . #smithsleatherbalm #holdfastliveslow #handmade 📷 @sarah_lacroix
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