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Had a blast at NBA ALL-STAR weekend! Got to interview a lot of great people. Got to beat T.O. in badminton 🏸. I accidentally called Michael B. Jordan- Nick Cannon 😫(he wasn’t happy about that). Granny had a house tour from the property brothers 🏡. Big thanks to @mrdrewscott and @guruhubtv for making it all possible? Write below who I should interview next! (Swipe left to see all the photos)
Granny and I play Speak Out Showdown, the all new head to head mouthpiece challenge by Hasbro 😂😂 #AD #haha #grandma
Happy Valentines Day to the only woman who has been able to put up with my nonsense all these years! 💝 91 Valentines Days!!! That’s pretty cool old lady 💕#tbt #valentinesday
The Best Valentine’s Day Proposal Ever 😱💏 ❤️💍 @chelcielynnn
The perfect date for Valentine’s Day 💝 💏
My Grandma Loves Hip Hop [Part: 2] 👵🏻💿🔊
Grandma’s Super Bowl Touchdown Dances 👵🏻🏈😂
TUMS tastes GREAT and works fast - like this 3 second video. #PassTheTUMS #ad
My Grandma Loves Hip Hop 👵🏻🎶
What have I discovered 😂 #zoolander
Granny Slang [Part: 2]
Urban Football 🏈 😂 —— w/ @paigeginn @gigimeyer40 @jakeryanfilms
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