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My Grandma is 🔥 👻Snapchat:➡️ pillowsweat 👤Facebook: Ross Smith 🐣Twitter:@smoothsmith8 📧Business Email: 🌎Ohio New YouTube Video ⬇️

Happy Easter 🐇🐣 I’m still confused why the Easter bunny lays eggs... but oh well, life doesn’t really make sense #easter
“Old Folks Home” 🤠 Granny’s Rap name should be _____? #oldtownroad #remix
Fill in the blank: Granny is a ______
What just happened? 😂 Tag the biggest “bi*ch” you know!
Grandma Messes With Bodybuilders 😂 #2 .5
Grandma Messes With Bodybuilders 😂 #2
Kidnapping Leprechauns 😂🍀 w/ @johnlferguson
Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀🍻 Who’s getting Lucky?😉
The Hood Cowboy 🤠🐴 🎵 W/ @johnlferguson
Sledding with the snow fro 🛷 ❄️ How cute is she scale: 1-100 ?
I scared the 💩 out of grandma with a snake 🐍 😂 Then we went to a reptile Zoo! Am I the worst grandson ever? @jayprehistoricpets @iamthmpsn
The perks of being single! 😃@sourpatchkids is helping make single life even more sweet. Check out the #sourpatchkids #singlesawarenessday merch 🔗 in my bio #coolgranny #ad
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