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We got lost in the sauce 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 of @Wendys Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken 🐔 @franksredhot #sponsored
This is how you make the perfect Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken 🐔😂 @wendys @franksredhot #sponsored
Kiki almost killed me! ☠️🕺🏼💃🏽 #inmyfeelings @johnlferguson sfx: @calebnatale @champagnepapi
Grandma and I played Chow Crown 😂 loser had to drink raw eggs 🥚#AD – 🔗in bio
We aint cluckin around 😎🐔 with @Wendys Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken @FranksRedHot #sponsored
Granny plays Steve Harvey in beer pong on his TV show 🍺🏓😂 To watch the episode- click the link in my bio 🔗 @iamsteveharveytv
Gangster grandma compilation 😂 w/ @steveo & @chelcielynnn @shannonwaterman
Happy 4th of July Homies 🇺🇸💥🎆
ESPN 30 for 30: The Greatest Football Player Ever, Was a Grandma! 🏈 @ohiostatefb
We brought puppies to people affected by Alzheimers❤️ Never in my life have I seen so much joy and happiness! 1/3 seniors is affected by some form of Alzheimers or Dementia.  Lets all come together and spread our love to these incredible people, and show them they will never be alone or forgotten. (Special thanks to the: Village at Westerville Retirement Center, and @Petland Lewis Center for your support)
We got a life coach! 😱 @robertfrank615 (Full Vid: Linky in Bio⤴️)
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