Ross Smith

Professional idiot 👻Snapchat:➡️ pillowsweat 👤Facebook: Ross Smith 🐣Twitter:@smoothsmith8 📧Business Email: 🌎Ohio New YouTube Video ⬇️

The most WonderFALL pic! Comment 🎃=cute, 🍁=sexy
Grandma College Pranks 😂Comment ⤵️ what school we should prank next @bigdawstv
Who wore it better? #iloveitchallenge
Granny Pranks #2 😂 Comment what prank should we do next ⬇️
DANCE OFF! 💃🏽 Granny vs: @airhogs #WhoWon ?#partnered
“I Love It”- Remix ft: Granny 😂 Who did it better? Comment below ⬇️ Kanye or Granny?
Granny Pranks 😂 (Part: 1)
We went to Mexico & looked like a sexy fruit salad! Where should we travel to next? Comment below ⬇️ #tasteofkarisma 🇲🇽🥗
Grandma visits 3 year old psychiatrist 😂 w/ @kcstauffer
It’s my birthday 🎂. Shout out to my body for somehow surviving 26 years. Oh and here’s a really blue lake, it looks like some delicious Kool-Aid/ Gatorade Frost, but it doesn’t taste good though, I tried it... it was just cold. But for real- thanks everyone for making this past year incredible and cheers to even a better year this year 🙌🏻
Amazing Grandma Cup Trick Shots 😱 ft: @bbsdoingnothing
Grandma Shoots Man With 2,000 Fireworks😱💥 ft. @houstonwjones
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