Smorgas Chef Restaurants

Located inside of Scandinavia House. Deeply committed to using sustainable & all-natural ingredients from our 150-acre farm in the Catskills

Gravlax and chill? 💕
This Monday, go for what you want. A Smorgas burger with toasted brioche and bacon is a great place to start. 🍔
You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach, so join us at Smorgas Chef!
Join the club 😋 We’re serving all your favorites and more today at Smorgas Chef!
We only put the best, most authentic flavors on your plate.
Join us November 22 at Smorgas Chef Park Ave for a Scandinavian-inspired meal with your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Enjoy Slow Roasted Turkey with all the fixings, or branch out from the traditional holiday fare with our classic Scandinavian dishes, including Swedish Meatballs and Aquavit Cured Gravlaks.
A slice of our princess cake? Go ahead, treat yourself. It’s worth it, we promise.
“Fabulous meals with fabulous people” Thanks for sharing this with us, @abrackenheimer
Bites to start the weekend off right
Can we interest you in our Icelandic cod?
Scandinavian classics are always a good choice when deciding what to eat 😋
Middle of the week is the perfect time for dessert. Well, actually any day of the week is perfect for dessert.
Roasted cauliflower like you’ve never had before.
Burger and a salad, because we’re all about balance.
The perfect table.
“Dreaming under the tree of light”
Today’s starting lineup.
We’re heading into this weekend with something sweet. Haven’t tried our cheesecake? What are you waiting for!
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