Cam I Am

I love you lauryn E4LR.I.PSr. 🇯🇲can Browning.

Can’t stop, won’t stop! This my passion, gotta have it🥂 #seniorpictures
You know i do what I love & I do it well! @phuckitupmakeup
🎄TIS THE SZN🎄 Holiday glam! Book me , makeup page @phuckitupmakeup
Some #mommy appreciation ♥️ cause she is da bomb @tjamgyrl
Real proud of my little brother man🍾 @chris_polo_webb
Me and you ain’t neva in the same room.
I was just being a nigga🖤
If anyone needs a MUA for the holidays then keep me in mind! I can do any look from classy to bold! Any look you want is $50 Flat 🤩 & I provide lashes!
Really a doll, cute & small!🎀 #jamaicanbeauty
So S/O to @jaya.vinson cause she definitely got me feeling popping hunny💕💕💕sew in install was also STYLED by her, edges is in tact! Y’all book ASAP . (Hair page : @royaldynastyhairco )
Weird flex 🤪 #weirdflexbutok
Scheming 💖
Idk who needs to see this! Idk whoooo needs some motivation! But hopefully here is some! On the left I was 180+ & on the right (currently) I’m 136! #fitcam #transformationthursday #transformation #bodygoals #beforeandafter #thebiggestloser #fitgoals #transformationtuesday
Chieffff #ganjaburn
Really just be into ma baggg #ganjaburn
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