Sharon D

Life is random and I try to make a deference in this random world I will not be shaken

Been one of those days
Go check out my YouTube channel sndlife
Michael Wayne Gurd Jr aka Mikey or lil bubba, will forever be missed, one of my favorite cats and had the personality of his name sake lol my big bubba
I miss Izzy he was one of a kind
You got your wish
Busy day
If any of you mess with the ones I care about, watch out.
Trying to get promote my YouTube videos is a up hill battle
Happy Mother's day
It's Friday finally
On my Facebook and YouTube channel sndlife I open up and talk about my past
I do have a go fund me up for trying to get help with a dream of mine i want if you want to help me out or wanna look at it let me know! #gofundme
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