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When your afternoon treat takes you back to a summer picnic in Central Park in your fave place in the world 👉🏼 New York City! The New York Style Chocolate Cheesecake Magnum is so delicious! It’s from the new Magnum Destinations range 👉🏼 ice cream inspired by the world's trendiest destinations. @magnum #MagnumDestinations #MagnumNY #ad #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity
Afternoon tea with a friend just got fancy! I was so happy to find these @mrkiplingcakes French Fancies at my local supermarket. The newly launched Mr Kipling French Fancies are dainty sponge cakes with a delicious vanilla topping, drenched in soft fondant icing. Delicious!! They are the perfect addition to an afternoon catchup 😋 #mrkiplingaus #frenchfancies #caketime #ad
Bananas are one of my favourite snack options for that feel good energy I need mid-afternoon! Not only are they delicious but they are convenient, nutritious and so versitle. I love eating bananas just as they are or sliced up on crumpets with cinnamon and honey 👉🏼 YUM! How do you eat your bananas everyday? @australianbananas #australianbananas #peelgoodfeelgood #makeyourbodysing #ad
Today I enjoyed a fresh and easy lunch at home 👉🏼 Pizza Margherita, made with Australian Truss Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. So delicious! I also like to have them on sandwiches and in salads too 😋Australian Truss Tomatoes are a delicious tomato variety that are simply bursting with sweet flavour due to ripening on the vine and growing them in the perfect controlled conditions of a glasshouse. You can find them at leading supermarkets and grocers with the vine still attached. @australiantrusstomatoes #australiantrusstomatoes #glasshousegood #ad
Sometimes in life you just have to 'take the bull by the horns' and go for that dream in a confident way and not hold back! As a mum I want to be a good role model to my kids and show them that women can achieve their dreams and goals and #beunstoppable ! I have always desired to travel the world since I was a little girl, but I found as I grew older things held me back from that dream. One day I realised that it was just a mindset holding me back, so I pushed through those thoughts pursued my passion and I haven't looked back! Whenever I travel I never leave home without my #ladyspeedstick . Lady Speed Stick works to protect from sweat & odour that can get in the way. Made for women who want to shine in the world! #ad #travel
I'm loving the NEW Tic Tac Gum! The all-new sugar-free chewing treat is available in stores now in four fresh flavours: freshmint, spearmint, cool watermelon, and cool tropical. How many you chew is up to you! @tictacglobal #TicTacGum #ad
This morning I enjoyed a Coconut Black Rice Bowl for breakfast using So Good Unsweetened Almond Milk. It was so delicious! It's just one of 20 dairy free recipes that I got from the So Good Cookbook that I downloaded for free after signing up to the newsletter on their website 👉🏼 😍 If you sign up to their newsletter you will also go into the draw to win one of 500 printed copies of the cookbook! T&C's apply. Competition ends 15 November. @sogoodau #MakeTodaySoGood #dairyfree #ad
A quick and healthy breakfast is always a must when your a working mum! Bioglan Probiotic Smoothies are such a great option as all you need to do is add water and shake. They contain ground oats & chia, blended with plant protein to give you energy to fuel your day. Plus they are vegan, contain no added sugar and have 5 billion probiotics for a healthy gut! The chocolate flavour is delicious and they also come in Vanilla and Blueberry Muffin. Available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse. @bioglanau @chemistwarehouseaus #shakeupbreakfast #healthbreakfast #morningmotivation #ad
Christmas mocktails or cocktails with friends doesn't get more "Christmas-y" than Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Spiced Ginger Beer! The Spiced Ginger Beer includes a festive hit of Cinnamon and Cloves and I've just added some apple cider, slices of lime and green apple, ice and a cinnamon stick to garnish. To make a cocktail add some aged rum! It's the perfect drink to impress this Christmas season. Available in Coles & IGA and Woolworths from November 1. @BundabergDrinks #SpicedGingerBeer #Bundaberg #BrewedtoTasteBetter #ad
Pickled eggs 👉🏼How is this for a delicious snack hack?! I simply spread the NEW Philly Lactose Free Cucumber Pickle and Mustard Seed Spreadable Cream Cheese on boiled eggs and then sprinkled with chilli flakes. So yummy and packed with flavour! Flavoured Philadelphia Spreadable is the perfect way to add flavour to snacks or meals. Available at Coles now. @phillyaus #phillyaus #lactosefree #PHILLYFirst #ad
I'm loving the authentic Thai flavours of these @suiminnoodles Thai Green Curry & Beef Massaman Premium Noodle Bowls. Eating these at home or at my work desk takes me right back to my trip to Thailand thanks to all the authentic Thai flavours and the use of real ingredients in every pack. It's definitely the grown-up noodle cup! Yum #ad #suiminorigins #suiminnoodles #realingredients #authenticflavours #grownupnoodlecup #lunch #lunchinspo
The latest issue of @holidayswithkids magazine is a special flip issue and has me dreaming of a return trip to Japan! Make sure you grab a copy now and check out my article in there about how to have the best stay and play in Melbourne with kids 💖 #holidayswithkids #japan #melbourne #travel #travelwriter #travellife #seetheworld #traveltheworld #adventure #familytravel
We love doing the Tim Tam Slam in our house! First, bite a Tim Tam at opposite corners at each end. Then you use the biscuit like it’s a straw sipping up the liquid of your beverage of choice like coffee, tea, hot chocolate or warm milk. Then you slam the biscuit in your mouth! 👉🏼 The biscuit goes all soft and gooey on the inside 👉🏼 Yum!! Why don't you #ShareTheSlam too? TAG a friend below to join in! @timtam @arnottsbiscuits #TimTamSlam #ad
Success is a series of small wins. Last month I celebrated 3 years since I launched my blog and Instagram account and began the journey to become a freelance travel writer and content creator. Each time that I reached a goal along the way 👉🏼 like reaching another 1k followers or having my first travel article published, I made sure to celebrate 🎉 Since then I have achieved and experienced way more than I could have dreamed back then 👉🏼 like reaching over 32k followers on Instagram!! I am so grateful for all my loyal followers and Insta friends and for the wonderful companies that I create content for. Thanks to @myob online accounting, I can keep track of my business accounts, helping me to continue the small wins! #SmallWinsBigThings #ad
I'm loving the NEW Lipton Ice Green Tea with a hint of Matcha! It's such a refreshing combination of pure Japanese Matcha and delicious ginger and lemongrass flavours, plus it's also low in calories and with no artificial sweeteners. The perfect drink to get me through the day! @LiptonIceTea #ad
Kids grow up so fast! Before I know it they'll be on their way to university! It's great to know that even if their grades don't get them into the course they want to do at university that @griffithcollegeaus offers a pathway to uni. It's peace of mind knowing that their high school results are not the end of a child's educational journey. #ad #griffithcollegeaus #education #mummyblogger
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