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Dealing with any kind of mental health is not easy. Somedays you feel different that no one understands what you’re dealing. Not only it’s an every day struggle with yourself, but also with society’s view and labels on mental illnesses. You have to be gentle with yourself and understand that you’re doing the best you can. I’ve been working on my anxiety for a few months by now, and although the love and positivity surrounding me it’s been overwhelming I still remember how I felt in the beginning, scared and worried most of the time, hoping that I could turn off my feelings or run away somewhere far far away. That’s why days like today are important to make an awareness and to let people know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. love yourself and always be kind to others because you don’t know what they are going through. Embrace yourself and fight to be the person that you’ve always wanted to be. #worldmentalhealthday
Je te rencontre dans une coupe de martini ♡ 📸 @sophia_rocha3 👄 @myfacetomytaste
Hoy extrañé esa nada que había entre tú y yo, Sutil y callada, sobrentendida y total. ♡
Cats & tea ♡
All I can say is thanks: ❤️To my girls: thank you all for taking care of me like a little sister, for teaching me how to be kind and respectful, for having patience with my dramas (😂),and for making me laugh until my tummy hurts. You all show me how to feel empowered as a woman and how to love myself over anything-else. I love you to pieces. ❤️To my boys: thank you for always looking after me, and giving me the best advice. Thank you for being such a gentlemen and show me how a girl is supposed to be treated. Thank you all for taking your time to make me understand your culture and open my mind to different perspectives of life. I love you to pieces. ❤️To micky: all I can say it is that I couldn’t be more grateful to have you I my life, for teaching me how to love and be loved. Thank you for always being there for me even in the hardest of times, and for making me the happiest girl in the entire world. I love you neither with my heart nor with my mind. My heart can stop and my mind can forget. I love you with my soul because my soul never stops or forgets. ❤️To life: thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet all these amazing people, to teach me how to love and laugh. Thank you for making me question my religion and showing me different types of beliefs. But most important thing is thank you for putting all of these amazing people in my life, they really made me grow as a person and I couldn’t be more grateful. USA 2018 ♡
روحي عربيه ♡ 📸 @highviewphoto
The princess save herself in this one ♡ 📸 @highviewphoto
E D I T S ♡
Lunch date with my bestie @acamilacm99
Home is where the heat is ♡ 📸 @sophia_rocha3 👄 @myfacetomytaste
Loving yourself is the greatest revolution ♡
Do more of what makes you happy ♡
Watch more sunsets than Netflix ♡
A sweet ending to a new beginning ♡ ELI 2018
I have a plan, do you trust me? ♡
You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky ♡
Sometimes the king is a woman ♡ 📸 @highviewphoto
Tropical vibes ♡
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