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Nobody really likes us except for us. 💫
People don't leave because things are hard. They leave because it's no longer worth it.
Damaged people are dangerous. They know how to make hell feel like home.
It's scary what a smile can hide.
🌟Sweet N Sour chicken with Egg Fried Rice. Price: 395/- (inclusive of tax) Rate: 7/10 . 🌟Chicken Cashew Nut & Chicken Chowmein with Egg Fried Rice. In this platter you get choice of 2 main course. Price: 495/- (inclusive of tax) Rate: 9/10 . . Chicken chowmein is my favorite. Mention below your favorite Chinese restaurant/dish @chineseatery . . #sohaslivinglife #makeup #fashion #food #influencer #lifestyle #Islamabad #islamabadblogger #pakistaniblogger #instafood #foodporn #like4likes #followformore
Lately I've become one of those girls who takes a lot of care of their hair. I've been oiling my hair (which I never did before lol) using different masks and now this amazing product from @loreal.pakistan . This is oil replacement cream. It contains 6 nutritive oils. Argan| olive| almond| coconut| jojoba| camelina This oil-in-cream melts in your scalp and hair to nourish them. It helps to control frizz. It contains UV filters which protects your hair from sun. It's fragrance is amazing. *non greasy *non sticky Leaves your hair all shiny, silky, soft and full of beautiful fragrance. . . Multi-usage: 🌟 You can use it overnight for intense nourishment. 🌟 You can use it before shampoo. Leave it for 30 min and rinse off for ultimate softness. 🌟 You can use it after shampoo. Apply on lengths and tips to keep your hair protected all day. I prefer using it after shampoo. Because when I use it after shampoo my hair gets softer and silky. I got mine from alfatah Centaurus. For RS.359/- . . It's a must have product. Comment below if you've used it. . . #sohaslivinglife #makeup #food #fashion #influencer #lifestyle #haircare #asthetic #Islamabad #islamabadblogger #pakistaniblogger #like4likes #followformore
This lotion from @bonanzaofficial has my heart. Their entire range of lotions, body splash and body wash is aahh-mazzingg💖💖 The smell is so awesome. And how cute their packaging is. I am totally in love with this. It contains cocoa, Shea butter and vitamin E, leaves your hands soft and smooth. And price was pretty good Bought it for RS.380/- I guess. . If you haven't tried it yet then go buy it, you will love it. . . #sohaslivinglife #fashion #makeup #lifestyle #food #influencer #Islamabad #islamabadblogger #bonanzasatrangi #bodylotions #pakistaniblogger #like4likes #followformore
You will never understand the hell I feel inside my head.
Did this super easy smokey eye makeup @jannattmirr inspired ✨✨ Will be uploading the tutorial soon. P.s ignore the picture quality. 😅 . . #sohaslivinglife #makeup #fashion #food #lifestyle #influencer #potd 📷 #islamabadblogger #pakistaniblogger #like4likes #followformore
Eid Mubarak✨ Couldn't get any good decent picture😒
Chaand Raat Mubarak Everyone✨ Hope you all have a great eid and may your sacrifices be accepted. Have a blessed eid ✨💞💖 . . #sohaslivinglife #makeup #influencer #lifestyle #fashion #food #eid2k18 🌙
CALL A PSYCHIATRIST😂😂 . . A happy, crazy & a fun day it was. So many good things happened that day. Alhumdullilah for everything😇💖 #tbtoacrazyday #zabardastiwalapose 😁
It's OK to be crazy sometimes😛 📷 @aleeha_kkhan . . Shirt: @generation_pk
🎉🎉🎉GIVEAWAY TIME🎉🎉🎉 So we are here with 14th August giveaway in collaboration with @1o3bakershouse Win these independence theme cupcakes by following some simple steps.. _________________________________ RULES: ⭐Like this post. ⭐Like and comment on any 2 of our posts. ⭐You must follow both the accounts @1o3bakershouse & @soha_bilal100 ⭐ Tag 3 of your friends (who aren't following us) and ask them to follow both the accounts. @1o3bakershouse & @soha_bilal100 ⭐Comment done when you follow all the steps. _________________________________ NOTE: You can participate as many times as you want. For extra entry mention us or this post on your story and send us screenshot if your account is private. Please don't tag any blogger, celebrity page etc. I'll be checking each and every step. The giveaway will end on 13th August and the winner will be announced at the same day. Best of luck to all of you💞💞 P.s the giveaway is only for Islamabad and Rawalpindi . . . #1o3bakershouse #whatsohabaked #cakes #cupcakes #giveaway #Islamabad #Rawalpindi #like4like #followformore
Here's my NOT FANCY, NOT PRICEY JUST SIMPLE SKIN CARE ROUTINE. Few months back I was a person who doesn't care about her skin. I only used to wash my face with simple soap lol😂😂 but yeah now I use things for my face. So first we have @cleanandclear NATURAL BRIGHT GENTLE DAILY WASH. It's almost finished now and TBH it's really good, it cleans away the access oil and help prevent of spots and blackheads while keeping your skin hydrating. Then we have @cleanandclear ESSENTIALS FOAMING FACIAL WASH. It cleans away the access oil and give you a smooth soft skin. I just love this one. Then I use this @_hollywoodstyle EXFOLIATING BERRIES SCRUB. This smells so good. You have to massage it on moist face with finger tips (avoiding eye area) rinse well and for better results use it twice a week. Your skin will feel fresher, softer & smoother. Then again we have @cleanandclear BLACKEHEAD CLEARING CLEANSER. It's good helps clear and prevent blackheads, dirt and access oil from you face. I usually use it twice a week but the bottle says use it daily. Little irritation occurs when you apply it but I guess it's normal. Then daily at night I use Aloe Vera gel. Keeps your skin soft, and moisturized. Spray rose water daily at night for soft,fresh & smooth skin. I also use @vaselinebrand LIP THERAPY it smells so good keep your lips soft and pinkish. . . Let me know your skin care routine. . . #sohaslivinglife #influencer #makeup #food #skincareroutine #fashion #lifestyle #Islamabad #islamabadblogger #pakistaniblogger #like4likes #followformore
8 Quotes That Keep Me Motivated Everyday: 1. No one is going to push you except yourself. 2. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen. 3. Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our problems. 4. Letting go isn't easy, but it is necessary. 5. Don't lose hope. You never know what tomorrow may bring. 6. Life is tough but my darling so are you. 7. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong & think of what could go right. 8. Work hard in silence. Let your success be your noise.✨ . . #sohaslivinglife #influencer #makeup #food #lifestyle #fashion #Islamabad #islamabadblogger #pakistaniblogger #like4likes #followformore
Bought these super comfy fenty furr sliders from @littlemartbyiqrahammad They have so many colors in same sliders and many more designs. Check their page for more stuff. The prices are super reasonable. . . . . #sohaslivinglife #makeup #food #fashion #lifestyle #influencer #instagaming #Islamabad #islamabadblogger #pakistaniblogger #like4likes #followformore
I'm a simple person who hides a thousand feelings behind the happiest smile.✨💫
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