sometimes i wonder... what happened?
happy father’s day to my amazing father. you don’t even know how lucky i am to have you as my dad. i cherish every moment we get to spend with each other. thank you for always sticking by my side. i love you so much💓 @furda569
no allowed demons in this house.
had a great last day (lol ik i reposted a lot of these)
chickens are kool
thank you everyone in jag players for being the sunshine in our school. never stop being amazing people lol. i hope to see all of the 8th graders again someday. but, like mrs. brady said, this is not the end, it’s the begining. i will kiss all of you so much. love you guys. @jenna._.19 @samuelethan_ @adrianaisverytired @puawest @oxkenna @elijxh.1424 @will_gisselquist @kapoww_11 @osnizle @mckenna_1014 @dearmayasettles @curly_fries_girl @j.d.cox.29 @puglover6150 @smolbean142
“this is arizona kids”-bella navarro @puawest @oxkenna
•t r a s h•
i am not one to get cereal, so when my mother buys it for me i get really exited.
10/10 @kapoww_11
we are all children of Jesus
we were bored nerds, so we went to hobby lobby and had a photo shoot in the decorative leaves section.
the backstage boredom group.
the jaguar players bring a lot of joy to our school, i gotta admit. thank you to all of the lovely cast, who have been so nice to all of us crew:) thank you to everyone who came today toooo!! we have 4 more dates, so if you couldn’t come today, you can come tomorrow, sunday, next friday, and next saturday!
welcome to makeup crew.
skipper is the definition of cute.
happy bday eliiii<3333 @nickel_intelligent
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