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Uplifting haven of beautiful treasures (crystals, tarot/oracle cards, incense, clothing, jewelry, salt lamps, books, malas) and compassionate people.

Blessings to all the ones who died serving our country in the name of peace, and gratitude for the ones still dedicated to this service so that all of us can live in safety. I honour all of you, and feel grateful for your dedication to this purpose. I pray for a way that we can transcend war, and find a better way to live in comfort and safety without the need for fighting for this basic human right. I will be celebrating all day with my spiritual family, walking in peace, wearing the poppy and observing silence - sending love to all the people who have been hurt on so many levels by the revenges of war and violence, may your healing be complete, may peace return within you and your family unit. #soulstarliving #downtowncourtenay #poppy #rememberanceday
This is the most important 11:11 ever. May you feel the peace rise up and serve you!
Selenite Heart and citrine ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ
Donโ€™t ever give up on yourself! Your so needed!!! Your vision, your hopes, your dreams... your knowing of the improvements that are needed, your kindness, your smile... the world would not be the same without you! There are times when shit just isnโ€™t going your way, there are times when you can barely stand to answer the phone or log into your bank account or drive the kids to another event... but then you remember the kindness of so many who love you XOXO ... the feeling of the sunlight on your face, the sound of the rain landing softly on the roof.. the way your child smiled that toothless smile at you when you dropped them off, the satisfaction of one more workout, one more test taken, the heartbeat of your animal as it sleeps peacefully on your lap... and so many millions of other touching moments that make the stress disappear and a glimmer return to your eye - if even for a moment! #soulstarboutique #connectedliving #starseed #crystals #ilovevancouverisland #eathealthy #kindness #loveyourself
Wow! First time ever seeing this magnificent gem! Matrix #opal #gemstonependant for $99 you can own a really unique and eye catching natural beauty all the way from Australia!! Opals enhance #cosmicconsciousness and helps you connect with your #trueessence opals also will help you with #selfworth #spontaneous #love #passion and will act like an emotional stabilizer tapping into the earths own energy field !!
This beautiful #Larimar #gemstone bracelet is some kind of powerful! It is one of the most #spiritualstones empowering you and dissolving barriers to your spiritual development! Larimar helps yo take control of your like, #serenity #clarity #gowiththeflow it heals trauma to the heart, reattunes you to the innate femininity and supports a natural #playful nature #shoplocal #metaphysicalstore #soulstarboutique #downtowncourtenay
#badassbook #quirkyquotes #rainbowprisms see everything through the eyes of love - and it wonโ€™t matter as much what life brings to you #SoulStarboutique
Super sunny October!! I know my peeps are probably on the beach or climbing crystal mountains!!! #downtowncourtenay #opensundays #soulstarboutique #shoponline
We are excited to announce the launching of our webstore !!! Maybe a little too excited?? But OMG it has been months of work and a long long time coming! So stocked to share the store with you all over Canada to start, and then who knows where we end up?? #soulstarboutique #metaphysicalstore #meditationstore #healingproduct #shoponline
Happy Thanksgiving Dragons ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿฆƒ๐Ÿฒ #soulstarboutique #downtowncourtenay #thanksgiving #titaniumaura #amethyst May peace fill your hearts this season!!
Feeling Blah? Things black and white? Open up to Spirit and bring back the joy of living! #soulstarliving #shoplocal #downtowncourtenay #tarotcards #oraclecards #runestones #pagansupplies
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