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Simply stunning SAN sky. (photo: @planehowie )
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We’d like to use this #WingletWednesday to remind you that you’re all stars. (photo @ricardotrevinoj )
The de-iceman cometh. (photo: @squawkingcat )
Just a couple Love Birds. (photo: @val_dickson_ )
Why then, oh why, can’t you? BOOK NOW: . (photo: @flyinphotog )
Punxsutawney Phil said we’ll have an early spring, but for now, it’s still winter out there. As always, a tip of the cap to our People working in the elements to get you where you’re going safely. If your flight is impacted by the weather, be sure to check for updates and changes. (photo: @kellercam )
You see that? That’s what it looks like when a Southwest bird lands in Hawaii! Visit to learn more about our plans to serve Hawaii. Stay tuned for more!
Best airport for plane spotting? Discuss... . (photo by @debodoes )
Many of our Stations have been impacted by extreme cold this week. We commend our People in those cities, who put the Safety of our Customers and our Employees above all else. If your flight was affected, be sure to check for the latest updates. (Photo by Kari in MCI) #jayden
Soaring into the weekend. (photo: @702aviation )
This one might be easy, but...can you name this specialty livery? (photo: @me_and_hou )
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