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From a couple weeks back but appropriate for #Halloween . #SlashbackVideo is a pop-up exhibit that recreates an ‘80s/‘90s #videostore , only everything is horror-themed. Incredible attention to detail and their #VHS racks had some pretty obscure titles. There were also sections for tapes with custom box art and movies that don’t actually exist (but look like they could).
We lost sight of the rocket after the reentry burn, but then it reappeared right on target above the landing pad. It then touched down and looked as if it never left. I have seen the future. P.S.-those pops you hear just after landing are sonic booms. #spacex #falcon9 #vandenbergafb
My GoPro doesn’t begin to capture the man-made aurora we saw in person. This is just after separation. Looked like a wormhole to another galaxy opening up. #spacex #falcon9 #vandenbergafb
This past Sunday I had the rare privilege to watch the #SpaceX #Falcon9 launch from #VandenbergAFB . What an unforgettable experience.
I’m a week late posting this. Kai celebrated his fourth month of existence on the other side of the country. He did great on both plane rides and adjusted to the time change surprisingly well. He loved everything about #Atlanta except the heat, humidity, traffic, and mosquitoes. Can’t wait until our next trip! #kaifujio #babynishi
The 2019 Audi Q3 from the launch in #SouthTyrol . This fun, stylish crossover proved to be a great way to see and drive the Alps for the first time. Will be interesting to see how our version stacks up against the Volvo XC40 and others. I had fun being back on the road, but coming home to my boy was probably my favorite part of the trip. #AudiQ3 #MQB #Audi #dadlife
Now I can tell #KaiFujio he’s been on the #Disneyland #Skyway gondolas—even if he never left the ground. #thatsfromdisneyland #disneylandskyway #vonroll
The #ValleyRelics museum’s last day open was Kai’s first outing ever, and he did great! He lasted long enough for us to check out all the #vintagesigns and other cool stuff. The museum is moving to a bigger building at the Van Nuys airport. Apparently, the current location is only big enough to display half the collection. We’ll visit the new museum when it opens in October, but I wanted to see the original before everything gets packed up for the move. Kai, get used to seeing old stuff like this! #valleyrelicsmuseum #vintageneon #neonsigns #bobsbigboy #pioneerchicken #dadlife #kaifujio
This is an adventure. #dadlife
Happy #MemorialDay ! Just an FYI, this account is going to have 50-100% more baby photos soon. No hard feelings if you want to unfollow, but you’ll miss out on some severe cuteness.
Also last weekend: got a very quick tour of the #GambleHouse for #MuseumsoftheArroyoDay . It was super crowded and they didn’t allow pictures inside but it was a good intro to a very cool house. Can’t wait to go back for a full tour. #greeneandgreene #artsandcraftsstyle #architecture #oldpasadena #BacktotheFuture
More from the #LAtimes tour. The building dates to #1935 , but the paper is much older than that (1881). The bronze eagle used to be on their 1910 headquarters. #ArtDeco #streamlinemoderne #architecture #dtla
From last weekend’s #LAtimes building tour. The magnificent #GlobeLobby is rich in L.A. history and #artdeco details. The Times is moving to El Segundo (right down the street from Motor Trend) at the end of June. They’re still deciding whether they’ll leave the globe here or take it with them. #architecture #dtla #1935 #streamlinemoderne
More from the State Theatre. The first three shots are from the basement, where a restaurant once operated in the #1920s . #dtla #historiccore #architecture #moviepalace
The Loew’s State Theatre from @official_lahtf ’s All About tour last month. Opened in 1921, the #StateTheatre has been off limits to the public for 20 years because it was leased to a church. The church has since vacated, opening the door for a new tenant and the possibility of restoration. #dtla #moviepalace #architecture #1920s #historiccore #bringingbackbroadway
Said goodbye to #DontheBeachcomber today. Rumor has it that the business will live on and move but the 60-year-old building is done for. The staff doesn't seem to know what's going on, but in just the hour or so we were there, workers had started taking down decorations. So clearly the place doesn't have much time left. A very sad end to a historic place rich in Polynesian theming. Glad I got to see it one more time. #SamsSeafood #tikibar #tiki
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