Spencer Wells

fading like summer days
let it lie
studio days
Chris Porterfield in NYC, October 2018 @fwdwi
Casa Gilardi for @adrussia
Casa Barragán for @adrussia
just cruise
60-second distance run
Emma, May 2018
As many of you know, my forthcoming book, Forward, is headed to the printer and now comes the time to share with you all what @mattpaulriley and I, with help from many others, have worked on for so long. Sign up at the link in my bio for (very) occasional email updates, including the forthcoming preorder information for the limited first run of the book. Also follow @fwdwi for updates and stuff that didn’t or couldn’t make it into the book.
still standing fast
slow down ego
Super 8 memories from a year ago @amandakievet @codywilliams all the pals
Sharp-Eyed and Shining @jkursel playing at the Project Lodge, Summer 2011. More Wisconsin music past and present on @fwdwi
over my dead body
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