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A New York urban oasis located at the top of @gramercyparkhotel at @gramercyterrace
Pool weather's officially over, but we have the perfect resolution; take the fun indoors at @rwhotelgeorgia.
One of the best parts of @refineryhotel is The Hatbox. Serving as a space for pop up shops and art galleries, the possibilities are endless when you're in a prime location in Midtown.
We don't shy away from snacks here. Tell us in the comments below, what's your favorite midday treat?
Just a pop of art.
@glasswingshop , close to our client @theodoreseattle , aims to create a retail space that appropriately represents Seattle, while also providing an engaging environment to be introduced to new products and the designers creating them. Unique in more ways than one, the back half of the space contains a shared design office and common gallery space available for rent.
Starting our weekend on the right foot with a sweet wake up call at @11_howard.
@cloudforest , not far from the @dossier_hotel in Portland, was inspired by the Andes in Ecuador. "The aroma of just-fermented cacao seeds drying on hot pavement fascinated and confused and ultimately enchanted young Sebastian [Cisneros]", who would go on to found this minimalist chocolate bar.
Did you know Dim Sum means "point of the heart" if translated directly from Chinese? It definitely holds a special place in our hearts. πŸ₯Ÿ
Raised in London by parents from Mumbai, @harshachanrai is a world traveler with a vision. After being frustrated by the numerous hotels she'd stayed in that ignored their surrounding community, she started @sairahospitality , a non-profit that aims to educate local communities in emerging markets. We spoke with Harsha about traveling like a local, a hotel's responsibility to its community, and her vision for the future. Click our link in bio for the full interview.
Too bad Fall Fridays aren't a thing, because we'd like to spend ours here...
Getting up on the right side of the bed at @thecarlylehotel. This New York luxury hotel showcases refined taste and creates a true Manhattan experience for sophisticated travelers. Staycation anyone?
Spherical runs on coffee.
Sunday scaries? We don't know her.
Spending our Saturday exploring. πŸ› Tell us your Saturday plans in the comments below!
Up and at 'em this AM with @nickelanddiner. Whether it's a go-to before work, or to fight the mid-day slump, having this gem across the street makes for a perfect pick-me-up.
β€œFor every design element or every color or any typography I use, it has to have a real purpose, and a sense of belonging to the brand.” Danish-born designer, @fabriciusdesign , has always loved drawing. From an early age, she recognized her passion for design and has sought to bring meaning and intelligence to her art ever since. She brings this enthusiasm in close collaboration with the @palisociety team, whose website just won a W3 Award. We sat down with Simone to learn more about her path to becoming a creative director. Click our link in bio for the full interview.
We thrive under pressure and rise to any challenge, but none of that could happen if we didn't have so much fun doing it.
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