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🇬🇧, Cosplayer, gamer, YouTuber. Twitter: @SpideyMCosplay , Next con: MCM Glasgow/Scotland. Xcoser code: Morpher20. Zentaizone code: spideymorpher15

#mcmscotland This weekend, my first time ever to this con and to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 if see me please say hi, I’m a friendly Englishman 😂
I caved and made the upgrade #playstation4 #limitededition #spidermanps4
Finally got Platinum trophy on #spidermanps4 Fun fact it’s my 1st ever Platinum trophy, thanks @insomniacgames (Tiny spoiler next slide)
“F*** Batman” I mean happy #Batmanday My escrima sticks and gauntlets arrived from @nexus_costuming my #nightwingcosplay is almost ready for #mcmlondon next month Pattern: @mattisspiderman Print/sew: @zentaizone
A week already since this game came out (still not finished story yet, hoping to tonight) I still can’t get over the great and detail that @insomniacgames and others involved have put into it
Me at the #spidermanps4 Halloween party (if you know you know)
All winners of my current giveaway so far. To enter, just buy any Spidey Morpher tee/tank link in bio also peep the newest shirts by swiping #spideymorpher15K Winners get to choose a Zentaizone suit of their choice
#MemeMonday Back to work after a weekend of #spidermanps4 but it’s all you have on your mind
#SpideySelfieSunday Spider-Man PS4 Edition. Loving everyone’s photomode posts etc online I will soon start doing non selfies 😂
My weekend in a nutshell #spidermanps4
Obligatory I got the game post, WARNING LAST SLIDE IS THE STATUE #spidermanps4collectorsedition
Me at work speeding to get finished so I can get home and play #spidermanps4 @insomniacgames
#nightwingcosplay update My escrima sticks made by @nexus_costuming they connect to form the staff too, also got holsters and gauntlets on the way 🤟
New YouTube video is online check it out, Channel: Spidey Morpher
@insomniacgames Is it September 7th yet? #spidermanps4
Had a great time today helping raise money for #childreninneed
#SpideySelfieSunday @86thfloormusic BTS Spider Verse Shoot edition
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