“Is that you jesus? Oh wait no that’s satan” -Lit T and her first experience on the zipper If I leave you on read it’s because I’m not interesting...

I know I don’t usually post stuff like this on this account, but today, September 11, 2018, I met @misha . It was the most magical, surreal moment of my entire life this far. I was literally less than an arms length away, and I could smell his cologne. I know most of you don’t give a shit, but this was an amazing experience, and I would do anything just to keep reliving this moment over and over again. I love Misha Collins with all of my heart, and I still can’t believe this actually happened. End rant
What happens in rehearsal stays in rehearsal ❤️#lovenotesquartet #barbershoppers #acalake18
First dinner in Caz. My throat already hurts, but I’m here for it. #musicnerd #acalake18
Happy show 2018! I’m gonna miss all the seniors so much. The gym is going to be silent without you ❤️.
States was great, but not without a cost. Lilo and Stitch will never have it’s time.😢 #chipfracture #sass #states2018
Guess who’s birthday it is? It’s @jillamelie18 ‘s! The snow just had to ruin the birthday concert didn’t it? Have fun with your snow day.
Life is good in hollywood. - #teamtrip #california #harrypotterworld
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIVVIE!! I may have completely forgotten until half way through the day, but all the same, at least I remembered. You might be so quiet no one notices you exist sometimes, but you are actually one of the nicest people I know. I hope you had a great day, (disregarding midterms, of course). 😁
Merry christmas and happy holidays!
Math nerds in their natural habitat. #commonfactorfirst
Ready for competition season. #sendituniversal #NLG
Global warming. Yay.
I love being dragged places. It makes for good artsy photos.
Just an average day up a mountain
Definitely using this a couple of years down the road... sorry, not sorry
New day, new sunrise
Far over the misty mountains. #yesterday #mist
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