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#SpotifyRISE artist @jorjasmith_ slays a spine-tingling version of Blue Lights at the legendary Village Studios. Watch the whole video at the link in our bio.
"I'm not making this up, but I feel like it's getting easier. Because we've done it, we've been through a bunch of f---ed up s---, we've had really high highs, we've had low lows, we know literally everything about each other, so it's actually getting easier. We're open about doing this for the rest of our lives, so we try to work on it and try to be there for each other. We're probably getting along better now than we were 10 years ago, we just figure s--- out. It's like family." — Jared Watson on 15 years of #dirtyheads . (📸 by @travis_shinn )
"The inspiration for the title 4275 came from me paying homage to where I began. I wouldn’t be who I am today without 4275." - @jacquees. His debut album is out now. (📸 by @kristaschlueter )
@karolg tore down the stage at our #SpotifyRISE event 🔥
"It goes without saying that this has been a rough year for me. And grief is a personal experience, so I felt like the only way to release and support the songs that I have been making is to go it alone. Also sonically, they're very different from stuff I've done in the past, so I didn't want to use any of the artist names that I've already used. I've never done an album as Mike Shinoda, so I figured this would be a great time to do that, and it kind of indicates that it is a more personal thing. The album is not all dark, it actually starts dark and goes to someplace brighter; it starts claustrophobic and it goes to someplace more open. I don't think that this journey ends with the end of the album, I think it keeps going from there, but at least at this point, these 16 songs are the progress I've made so far." — @m_shinoda on releasing his first solo album, Post Traumatic, out now. (📸 by @travis_shinn )
#NASIR . The first new #nas album in six years. Listen now.
Keep it Simple like @floridageorgialine does off stage. Watch now on #HotCountry playlist ⭐️
Wow. #WhoWeBe Birmingham went off.
#ChristinaAguilera is back 🙌 Listen to her new album #Liberation now.
If You Know You Know 🤷‍♂️ Go check @kingpush 's new vertical video, only on @rapcaviar 🎥
“The Bay Area is important to hip-hop because it’s the nucleus, it’s the culture. They steal it, finesse it, and make it into their own essence. We create a lot of the lingo, we create a lot of the vision in the videos and all the s--- you see, but people don’t know that, because if you don't go up there, you’ll never see that, and that’s just real. The scene in the Bay right now is important because I feel like we got a three-headed dragon: You got me, you got @kehlani , you got @g_eazy , which is pop, R&B, hip-hop, and you’ve never seen a female reigning like I’m reigning before, so it’s a prominent time. We got the Warriors whooping ass. It’s just some gangsta-ass s--- going on in the Bay right now.” — @kamaiyah on her hometown. Her track Addicted To Ballin' feat. @groovyq is now streaming. (📸 by @travis_shinn )
@maisiehpeters , @chvrches , and @raylamontagne dropped #SpotifySingles today. Treat yourself 🎁 Link in bio.
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